Grace here

today I ill be telling you about an average day in my life


bed and girl image bedroom and coffee image
my alarm goes off at 6: 30 so I properly get up at 6:45


aesthetic, avocado, and bread image Image by Rosalie H. ♡
have a quick breakfast and get into my dance clothes


car image girl, car, and aesthetic image
I have to be in the car by 7am


ballet and dance image ballet, ballerina, and dance image
at quater past 7 I have my first class which is usually ballet


coffee, drink, and aesthetic image Image by Gya
after my first class I usually grab some coffee and a quick snack with some of my friends from dance


dance, contemporary, and flexible image body, fitness, and sport image
at 8 I have acro which is my favourite style so i love that


dance, girl, and photo image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
around now I help teach some of the younger kids either ballet, acro or hip hop it depends on the day


blonde, breakfast, and fashion image beauty, chic, and chill image
at 9am my dance teachers have a team chat about upcoming competitions and we just oaractise our routines for ages (also i didnt know what pictures to do)


Image by Vera Montana beauty, selflove, and skin image
my dad collects me and I come home and watch tiktok, netflix and talk to my friends


food, banana, and pancakes image socks, aesthetic, and white image
leave my room for a very late lunch


beach, aesthetic, and blue image waves, ocean, and sea image
I usually hang out with my friends i like going to the beach and if its cold I watch movies but this year I just call them lol ):


ballet, dance, and black swan image Image by Rida
go do more dance yes more


aesthetic, bath, and bathroom image face mask and skincare image
shower and do skincare because im stinky after dance


food, pasta, and spaghetti image food and tacos image
dinner with my fam


T and vanessa hudgens image Image by Private User
watch a movie or some tv


bed, bedroom, and white image bed, home, and interior image
ok thats it hope you enjoyed
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