Hiii, it's been a while
The last article I wrote was this summer, but the academic life is my top priority as it should be. I have a few days to study for my finals and I wanted to sit down and take some time to write something. I've missed it!

I saw this tag by @regenstralen on the article channel and I immediately decided to write my own. This year, obviously, I've had time to read and doing this kind of article is a good way to do a retrospective so I can look back at what I've read a year from now.

1. How many books have you read in 2020 ?

I've read 15 books. That's a reasonable amount I think.

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2. One of your favourite books you have read this year ?

Dead Poets Society by N. H. Kleinbaum

It's a classic in modern literature and a must read. There's so much beautiful phrases in there (I've underlined a few). Plus, I love stories taking place in a boarding school.

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3. One of your least favourite books you have read this year ?

Le Rapport Columbine, Autopsie d'un carnage by Nicolas Castelaux (wasn't translated in English)

There's no books I hated but this one just wasn't the most groundbreaking. That's basically a detailed look at the events that these two teens caused at Columbine high school.

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4.Your most anticipated read that was released in 2020 ?

Hunting November by Adriana Mather

I read the first volume, Killing November, and I loved it so I was exited to discover the second one. It's very different than the typical “dark academia vibes” book.

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5. A book that surprised you

Kill Your Darlings by Terrence Blacker

I wasn't expecting that at all when I read the summary. The end is quite surprising but that's what makes it good. I enjoyed it so much.

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6. A book that disappointed you

The Iliad by Homer

Don't yell at me! I probably got the wrong translation so I don't understand a single word. It seems to be old French, I should've buy a more modern version.

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7. A book that you have had on your tbr pile for years and finally were able to read this year

Dracula by Bram Stoker

I've decided to read more classics such as Frankenstein, To Kill a Mockingbird, the bibliography of Oscar Wilde... and Dracula was among them. I've had it on my shelf for so long but I'm glad I've finally read it because I enjoyed it so much.

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8. A book that got you out of a reading slump ?

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

When a few weeks or month have passed since I've read a book, I usually choose something easy to read. A page turning book with a little bit of suspense. This one was perfect, I love books like this with young protagonists you can relate to.

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9. A book from a genre you usually don't read and that you read ?

Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain by Daniel Goldberg

I usually never read biographies but this one I had to buy. Plus, this is not just another biography of Kurt, it was written by his manager and friend, someone who really knew him. It was so interesting and touching too.

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10. A book with the prettiest cover

Vivienne Westwood Catwalk by Alexander Fury

The tartan cover is so pretty. This is also the most expensive book I own so the cover better be beautiful haha. But every picture in this book is incredible and it's a pleasure to look at them. I keep it on my nightstand.

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11. A book with a cover you didn't like

Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque by Edgar Allan Poe

I bought the cheapest edition it was something like 2€ but I didn't get it for the cover obviously. Otherwise I loved it, this is the first time I was immersed in Poe's universe and it was amazing.

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12. The saddest book you have read

Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman

I read it again this summer and guess who cried again ? That's a truly beautiful story.

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13. Your favourite book couple you read about this year ?

Without a doubt, Elio and Oliver in cmbyn. Their love is so pure and candid, I think that everyone deserve to experience a summer love like that.

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14. Your favourite fictional universe/world you read about ?

I love to read about magic/supernatural universes set up a few decades ago in old boarding schools. Or simply young adults trying to resolve a mystery/murder without magic or superpowers.

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15. A book series you want to read in 2021 ?

Light as a Feather by Zoe Aarsen

Book series are not my favourites, I often prefer standalone books but this one seams interesting. It's definitely on my list.

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16. A book you've bought impulsively and loved ?

When the Astors Owned New York: Blue Bloods and Grand Hotels in a Gilded Age by Justin Kaplan

The first book entirely in English that I read. I ordered a copy because that era of American history fascinates me. It basically tells the story of the Astor family.

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17. A book you'v read but don't remember anything about ?


I remember everything.

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18. A book that you didn't finish ?

The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe

That's honestly a good book. The plot is exactly my type, plus it takes place in New York. But it's just too descriptive for me, there's entire pages just describing details that aren't very important. That's why the book is so thick lol. I'm almost at the half of it but I never finished.

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19. The first book you want to read in 2021

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

A lot of people are talking about this book and recommend it. I love this type of fiction with a murder, a list of suspects, hidden secrets. I think I'll really love this one.

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20. An author you ave discovered and loved

M. L. Rio

I read If We Were Villains and truly loved it. I personally think that she's as talented as Donna Tartt. Hopefully, she will publish more novels in the future. This one was her first book.

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21. A book you want to read again before the year ends ?

They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman

This book was an absolute gem. It's an addictive young adult murder mystery set in the backdrop of one of the most exclusive and prestigious school for the most privileged, Gold Coast Prep. It's everything that I like in a book so I might read it again.

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I hope it gaves you some ideas of what to read in 2021 ;)
Thank for reading !