Hi guys
So i decided to make this indie playlist. Well i'll just put a list of songs in this article and then maybe if you like it or you want discover some new music you can always find me on spottily (Silke Francis).
Anyhow ,lately the indie culture is becoming more and more popular. So with that comes also the indie music which I've always liked.

What is indie music?
it's actually a name for a lots of sub genres that are all like rock/art orientated. Originally it was like an aversion to commercial music. There's a lot of room for experiment.It varies from indie folk to even metal.

The term indie is mostly used for alternative rock or indie rock

My favourites are like the real Britpop bands. I just fk love them.

Let's just start now

° Nirvana

Image by Igör nirvana, kurt cobain, and grunge image
favourite numbers( currently) On a plain, Where did you sleep? and Something in the way

° Pip Blom

music image music image
This is a dutch band but they sing in English ofc lol. They're new but their first album (BOAT) already got mentioned int The Rolling Stone magazine. Favourite numbers: Daddy issues, Truth and Skippy still remains

° Arctic Monkeys

alex turner, arctic monkeys, and black and white image arctic monkeys, music, and playlist image
Alex Turner is hot! But okay it's about their music. I love them since i was a child with my mp3 wow. Currently favourite songs are No buses, When the sun goes down and Riot Van (and every other song)

° Weezer

album, music, and album cover image rivers cuomo, twitter, and weezer image
ok so one word to describe this band is just 90's my favourite numbers: O Girlfriend, Buddy Holly and Island in the sun

° Gorillaz

gorillaz, 2d, and noodle image gif, lyric, and quote image
So Damon Albarn started this project after his band Blur. His voice is just perfect(and his face). This is bit more hip hop but just enough ;) Feel Good, DARE and Pac-Man

° Blur

gorillaz, 90s, and blur image background, band, and blur image blur, alex james, and damon albarn image damon albarn, meme, and 90s image
4 Pictures because uhm just because. Don't forget to watch their clips lolz. Favourite numbers: Country Ballad Man, Beetlebum and Bugman

° Elastica

elastica image 90s, elastica, and britpop image
Also very 90's favourite numbers are Da Da Da, Nothing stays the same and Generator

° Sonic Youth

sonic youth, black and white, and music image Image by intimidator
Super star is definitely my favourite

° Blonde Redhead
very dreamy music fav numbers For the damaged, For the damaged coda, Elephant Woman

° Dirty Projectors

dirty projectors image black and white, dirty, and guitar image
also very dreamy really relaxing to listen to. Swing lo Magellan, Overlord and Searching for life
liam gallagher, noel gallagher, and oasis image aesthetic, yellow, and liam gallagher image
° Oasis When i searched for Oasis i found like 2pages of palm trees very disturbing. Anyhow Oasis is also one of my all time favourites. Currently favourites She's electric( very poetic you'll see) , Don't look back in anger and Morning Glory

° Muse

blue, showbiz, and muse image band, muse, and music image
favourite songs Unintended, Sing for absolution and falling down (all way to dramatic)

° other bands you really should listen to
Kiwi jr, King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard, Disq, The Killers, Greenday, Radiohead, Cage the elephants

° Belgian bands
We actually have a lot of good bands i'll give you the most popular bands with their best songs.
Compact Disk Dummies(i remember)
Portland(pouring rain, Lady moon)
Black Box Revelation(i think i like you)
DIRK. (fuckup)
Meskeren Mees(joe)
Angèle(jalousie) this is french very good lyrics you can also translate it lol good to practise your french
Brihang(dutch dialect)

So that's it for today! Music recommendations are always welcome. There might be a lot of faults but idc because i speak dutch and i'm tired. Okay bye!