Nicole Dollanganger

aesthetic, nymphet, and pure image aesthetic, beautiful, and nicole dollanganger image aesthetic, delicate, and doll image nicole dollanganger image
i've been listening to her for as long as i can remember and i literally wanna be her :/

Robbers by the 1975

love, couple, and the 1975 image Image by crybby083 grunge, indie, and the 1975 image grunge, robbers, and the 1975 image
honestly i blame this whole album but THIS MUSIC VIDEO AND THIS SONG were both the beginning and the end of me


skin, grunge, and Effy image skins, love, and kiss image skins, cassie, and party image skins, Effy, and pandora image
don't blame me, blame my obsession with wanting to be effy stonem :)

Born To Die

60s, lolita, and music image lana del rey, Carmen, and rose image Image by venicxvitch lana del rey, tropico, and grunge image
omg don't even get me started on Carmen

These Movies

leonardo dicaprio, 90s, and titanic image movie, True Romance, and love image aesthetic, blue, and Claire image The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image
titanic, true romance, romeo + juliet, and the breakfast club bye omg

Channel Orange

orange, record, and music image blonde, concert, and music image candids, jewelry, and rap image blond, frank ocean, and frank image
who would i even be without this album


night, aesthetic, and dark image skirt, grunge, and clothes image sad, grunge, and happy image girl, grunge, and tumblr image
who even let me on this stupid site ew

The End of the F***ing World

aesthetic, series, and jessica barden image netflix, james, and teotfw image aesthetic, series, and jessica barden image Alyssa image
ever since this show came out i've been genuinely convinced alyssa and i are the same person

this was fun and more of a vent then anything else so if you see this feel free to just ignore it, obviously there's a lot more things i just want get into anyways have a good day