disclaimer: please note this are just personal opinions that i wrote down for fun, i'm not gonna claim these are absolute truths and you are more than welcome to disagree with me. hope you enjoy!


louis tomlinson » slytherin

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why i think he fits in slytherin: he's a born leader, unafraid of stepping on other people's toes if he has to protect who he cares about, can be venomous and vindictive if provoked, fiercely protective, quick witted, charming, mischievous, really perceptive, hates rules and dislikes authority figures, isn't afraid of getting in trouble, has ambitions and likes to further them by learning about the behind-the-scenes of the industry, which in turn shows how resourceful he is, can go from funny prankster to sharp businessman in two seconds flat and no-one will see it coming, which makes him even more dangerous, has an odd talent for making others do what he wants them to do.

could he have been in any other house? with him i'm always torn between slytherin and gryffindor - after all, these two houses are kind of like two faces of the same coin - but i still think slytherin fits louis better. and obviously being a slytherin doesn't make you automatically evil!

personal headcanons: a muggleborn who would bring football to hogwarts, but also play quidditch as an amazing and fearless beater and eventually become captain; would start prank wars between the houses every year; really good at things that require quick magic, especially defence against the dark arts; would have a pet owl named kevin (lol); he'd be the only magical one in his family until ernest and doris; his patronus would be a chimpanzee; would know all the secret passageways in and out of the castle; peeves' best friend; has had more detentions that he could count but gets out of almost as many of them because of how charming he is.

zayn malik » ravenclaw

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why i think he fits in ravenclaw: creative, individualistic, values intelligence over everything else, suffers when he can't express himself in his own way, witty, doesn't talk or share a lot because he's reserved and shy, introverted, nerdy, needs time to himself and with his own thoughts, loves the creative process, loves books, knowledge, and art, very intelligent, really good at reading people, loves learning to the point that he still talks about getting back to school to read english even after all his success, doesn't make art for the purpose of being successful, and he's even said he'd rather fewer people listened to his music, but really listened, rather than having mass scale success.

could he have been in any other house? i don't think so, despite how attractive he'd be as the stereotypical mysterious slytherin, zayn fits ravenclaw to a t.

personal headcanons: half-blood; nerdy, quiet and studious; would live in the library; really talented at charms, potions, and transfiguration, but also loves care of magical creatures; would carry advanced magic books along with comics everywhere; would always draw and doodle on his parchment and learn how to enchant his paints; his patronus would be an indian wolf; would have a half-kneazle called cassandra (after cassandra cain the batman character, not after the famous seer as everyone would assume) that he would snuggle up with while reading, or while gazing outside the ravenclaw tower lost in thought; surrounded by rumours that he's at least part veela.

liam payne » hufflepuff

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why i think he fits in hufflepuff: probably the hardest worker out of all of them (and that's saying something), kind, positive, has a heart of gold, always trying to spread good vibes, loyal to a fault, values his friends so so much, patient (even with louis), will always stand up for those who can't, very modest, basically the sweetest person you've ever met and for sure a great cuddler.

could he have been in any other house? i can see him in gryffindor too, liam himself said he took the pottermore test twice and got gryffindor the first time and hufflepuff the second, but i think hufflepuff fits him better.

personal headcanons: half-blood; always ready to help other students; really good at defensive magic; would have an owl called banner (like bruce banner); his patronus would be a bear; would become quidditch captain (he'd play as a keeper), prefect, and head-boy and he'd be perceived as a responsible student, but, when led astray by others (cough cough louis), he'd follow them in their adventures and truly enjoy himself.

niall horan » hufflepuff

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why i think he fits in hufflepuff: happy-go-lucky, unapologetically true to himself, kind, constantly makes new friends anywhere and highly values these friendships, loyal, protective, calls out people if he witnesses injustices, humble and down to earth, so so lovable, brimming with goodness and sunshine.

could he have been in any other house? not really, hufflepuff is perfect for him, but, if i had to, i guess i could see him in slytherin, especially now that he's older and takes less and less bullshit from people.

personal headcanons: half-blood; has friends in every house and eats at a different table at every meal; never cared about house rivalry; loves quidditch and plays as a seeker; his patronus would be a puffskein; would be in tons of different clubs and have the energy to invest in all of them; good at school despite not applying himself as much, yet many teachers' secret favourite; huge kenmare kestrels fan, to the point that he would name his owl kenny after them; would never shut up about ireland winning the quidditch world cup.

harry styles » gryffindor

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why i think he fits in gryffindor: incredibly chivalrous, brave enough to put his true self forward and to try new things with no guarantee he'll be good at them, and, as such, not afraid of failure; determined, bold, loves adventures and traveling, competitive, fiercely loyal (wouldn't ever say a bad word about one direction, not even when the narrative is constantly pushed on him), passionate about lots of different things and always driven and committed to see things through.

could he have been in any other house? i think today's harry could be a ravenclaw, but back when he would've been sorted he wouldn't have fit as perfectly in that house.

personal headcanons: pureblood; friends with people from all houses and of all ages; always surrounded by people; a disaster at quidditch; the best at cure of magical creatures and really good at potions and transfiguration; his patronus would be a unicorn; would be fascinated by muggles and take muggle studies; he'd have a cat called dusty and would try every year to smuggle in other cats; would have adventures but always get away with it; would have tea at hagrid's hut and private tutoring with snape in the same week.


so, that's it! this was really fun to do, i had thought a lot about their houses through the years, and it's crazy to think how so many of my initial sortings have changed (especially liam, i saw him as a ravenclaw, and i did succumb to the charm of having zayn in slytherin... i also saw louis in gryffindor, the only ones that haven't changed are hufflepuff niall and gryffindor harry!). what do you guys think? would you have sorted them differently? if you would've, you could always make another article with your reasonings and tag me / send it to me (not really sure how this works). i'm always happy to join 1d and hp discourse!

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this article!!