I could never stop admiring this man.From being scared about what people think about him,he has grown into this confident,selfless human being.Tbh,I was never a huge fan of One Direction,but who am I kidding,I've known majority of their songs but I was not a religious follower.Once the band broke up,it was such a huge shock to everyone.I mean they all have successful individual careers which shows that they all are equally talented but still we all miss 1D.

Out of nowhere,I listened to Harry's first album,"Sweet Creature".It was the best decision I've ever made.I just knew I was missing out on this guy.The whole album is so beautiful and meaningful.It was just different from anything I've ever heard of.Thats right folks,that is "how I met Mr. Harold".Then I was constantly hooked to him.Not only is he a gorgeous man but also has a beautiful heart.

He is the kindest man I know.He is always very respectful and kind to people.Its the most beautiful thing ever.His style is something thats truly amazing about him.He looks good in everything.The Vogue cover(I screamedd) was just him embracing himself.He is clearly throwing away the gender norms.There's no gender bias in clothes.In my opinion,being masculine is not about what a person chooses to wear.It's all about confidence and loving yourself enough to wear whatever you want without caring about other people's opinion.In Harry's words," It’s like anything—anytime you’re putting barriers up in your own life, you’re just limiting yourself."