Hi, the idea is not mine, I just got inspired by other articles. The characters were originally made up by me. Hope you like it!
This article is for the album K-12

1) Wheels on the bus

  • wants society to care more about teenagers
  • coping mechanism is distracting
  • focuses on the society's problems and wants to solve them
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2) Class fight

  • jealous
  • fights for what she believes in
  • thinks she lost her true love
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3) The principal

  • straight forward
  • fights for what is right
  • won't stop until she gets what she wants
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4) Show and tell

  • feels too much pressure
  • wants everyone to know she can't be perfect
  • people bash on her for no reason
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5) Nurse's office

  • is being bullied
  • runs away from her problems
  • wants to change her life
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6) Drama club

  • doesn't care what others think
  • calls out society for its problems
  • wants to help change the world
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7) Strawberry shortcake

  • everyone blames her for everything
  • insecure
  • feminist
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8) Lunchbox friends

  • tired of fake people
  • wants to have a real friendship
  • everyone judges her
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9) Orange juice

  • thinks too much about what society will think about her
  • doesn't like her body
  • kindhearted
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10) Detention

  • people expect too much of her
  • tired of the criticism
  • feels like no one cares about her
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11) Teacher's pet

  • naive
  • has abandonment issues
  • becomes too quickly invested in people
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12) High school sweethearts

  • wants true love
  • has a bad past with love
  • sweet but knows her worth
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13) Recess

  • tired of everything
  • wants to escape
  • puts herself first
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