Hello, and welcome to another Little Mix album ranking! ♥
First, let me point out that this is THAT one album from the girls that doesn't have just one song that I don't like or I would ever skip, so this ranking was the hardest to make so far.

I hope you have a great day, and I hope you enjoy these kind of articles as much as I do.
Let's just get into it!

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18. The National Manthem~7/10 My only problem with The National Manthem is that it's too short, I would enjoy hearing a full version of this one to be honest. Anyways the harmonies are heavenly, and this is the perfect intro for LM5.
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17. Love A Girl Right~7/10 One of their best sampled songs, it's such a bop, I remember listening to it everytime when one of my friends got a boyfriend.
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16. The Cure(Stripped)~7/10 I'm so grateful for them not leaving this out of the album. No music, only their voices and it still sounds like heaven.
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15.Told You So~7/10 Their friendship really shows here, this song is so cute and it's definitely on my comfort playlist.
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14. Forget You Not~8/10 Such a fun song, I love the beat so much and of course the girls' voices are amazing as always. I don't have much emotional connection with this, but Forget You Not always reminds me of my first crush, who I still appreciate and I'm thankful for him for all those years.
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13. The Cure~8/10 This one always reminds me of how far I've come, and how much I've grown in my life. Such a beautiful song with a beautiful message and heavenly vocals and harmonies. Leigh's bridge and the part that comes after that always gets me.
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12. More Than Words ft.Kamille~8/10 This is such a cute one too, it always reminds me of my best friend and my mum. I love their emotional connection with Kamille and this is my favorite collab on this album if I'm honest. And the visuals, they are just amazing and beautiful.
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11. Wasabi~9/10 Wasabi is THAT bitch, I love this song so much, and the choreo is amazing. Not to mention the mv which is nothing but the girls having fun. We love to see it.
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10. Strip ft.Sharaya J~9/10 Amazing message, amazing voices and harmonies, amazing lyrics, and amazing mv. Anything else needed? The whole thing is so empowering, I love it.
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9. Woman Like Me ft.Nicki Minaj~9/10 Love the vibe so much, another BOP. I love the whole thing, and the mv is amazing. Everytime this one comes on shuffle I just want to dance.
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8. Monster In Me~9/10 Monster In Me is one of their most beautiful songs. It deserved to be on LM5 Tour setlist or at least one live performance. I love how it builds up from the beginning to the chorus, and all the emotions stuffed in one song are overwhelming in a good way.
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7. Think About Us~9/10 It's such a fun one again, I honestly love it. I even tried to learn the choreo but I didn't succeed. The mv is one of my favorites, it looks so aesthetic and amazing.
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6. Motivate~10/10 I feel like this one has the most nostalgic vibes for me, and the whole thing feels like 2018. I remember listening to it while reading a book series so this song reminds me of that.This should've been on the LM5 Tour setlist, it's a bop.
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5. American Boy~10/10 I don't have much emotional connection with this song but it feels so good to listen to it everytime.
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4. Notice~10/10 Love, love, love this one. I love how they openly express their sexuality, and a relationship that is basically not so fun anymore. It feels like it has a whole story behind it and I love that. I'm a fan of building a song up like this.(like Monster In Me)
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3. Joan Of Arc~10/10 No questions here, Joan Of Arc got to the top 3. I'm so sad we didn't get a music video, but the tour performance was everything. The outifts, and the visuals were honestly the best, And also, this song has a powerful message like 'ladies, we don't need no man'. I'm so here for it.
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2. Only You~10/10 This one has such a good beat,I love everything about it. The music video is literally soo good, and the song itself feels like summer and oceans. This sounded so weird oh God.
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1. Woman's World~10/10 This song deserves more recognition and I'm so happy it was on the LM5 tour setlist. If you ask me, this one has another title, something like "Little Mix sings high notes for more than 3 minutes." It has a beautiful message, and it's one of their most empowering songs.

If you got to the end of this article, I love you so much, have a great day!♥