Good morning to you all ! I hope you're getting ready for christmas just as I do, so if you are thinking about what to put in your wishlist this year, let me give you some ideas from my own personal Christmas 2020 wishlist ^^


book, coffee, and aesthetic image aesthetic, books, and bookshelves image purple and book image book image
Every year I order some new books to fill in my shelves and be ready for winter.

Yankee Candles

christmas, candle, and yankee candle image candles, wax, and yankee image candle, christmas, and winter image candle, yankee candle, and decoration image
I just love those candles, my favorite scents are vanilla cupcake, christmas cookies and soft blanket. What about you ?

Calvin Klein underwear

fashion, Calvin Klein, and outfit image Calvin Klein and underwear image calvin, CK, and wishlist image Calvin Klein, fashion, and grey image
An obsession

Vintage mirror

aesthetic, aphrodite, and greek image royalty aesthetic, aesthetic, and princess image mirror, aesthetic, and heart image mirror, aesthetic, and gold image
I especially love hand mirrors, makes me feel like Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast lol

Breakfast tray

cute, girl, and puppy image coffee, food, and waffles image aesthetic, white, and aesthetics image food, breakfast, and strawberry image
It's just so practical and usefull to my laziness

Ice skates

glitter, pink, and white image aesthetic, cold, and fitness image winter, ice skating, and christmas image figure skating, ice skating, and skates image
I want my own so bad !

Nike air Jordan 1

nike, fashion, and sneakers image airforce, nike, and blue image Image removed jordan, sneakers, and fashion image
Those baby blue ones are just amazing

Cozy pyjamas

Image by Private User Nude and sweatpants image Image by Private User lingerie and sexy image
Always useful

Chance perfume

chanel, perfume, and bag image beauty, brands, and chance image perfumes image perfume image
It's been a while since I wanted this one and I finally added it to my wishlist


plants, green, and cactus image flowers, plants, and aesthetic image Image by anaya rupia-ellis aesthetic, green, and plants image
Yes I am a plant mom

Record player

aesthetic, pink, and rose image blue, music, and aesthetic image green, music, and aesthetic image Image removed
I especially love Cosley's designs

That's it for today ! i hope you enjoyes this article and if you want more ideas, check my wishlist collection here :

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