Hi guys!

I wanted to make a fun writing challenge for you guys so, if you're interested, keep reading <3

flowers, aesthetic, and white image quotes and words image
I also wanted to mention that The Honey Club is accepting new applications until December 12th so be sure to read this article if you want to join :)
✥ Copy and paste the article's questions to your own (don't forget to credit me please!) Use your favorite playlist and hit shuffle play for every question. The first song to come up is your answer to the prompt. Feel free to add in extra information/detail or just your interpretation to each question.


I. What is the title of your book?
ocean, aesthetic, and beach image book, beige, and magazine image
II. What is the plot?
aesthetic, interior, and room image aesthetic, angelic, and kawaii image
III. Who's the main character? What are they like?
quotes, aesthetic, and signs image dog, animal, and cute image
IV. Who's the sidekick?
aesthetic, view, and beach image flowers, aesthetic, and bouquet image
V. Who's the villain?
aesthetic, archive, and pastel colors image archive, theme, and unfiltered image
VI. Who's the love interest?
kendall jenner, car, and fashion image fashion image
VII. Where does the story take place?
aesthetics, converse, and outfit image necklace, accessories, and jewelry image
VIII. What is the ending?
Image by m26gb aesthetic, green, and shoes image


Thanks for reading!! I hope you guys have as much fun doing the tag as I did writing the questions!