hi! tried to do with 2020 songs only, but the subunits needed a proper concept with music video! the concept is loona redebuting (new solos, group songs, story) with gfriend's music!

dark, fantasy, and gfriend image Image by m moon, night, and aesthetic image kpop, so what, and loona image
loona and gfriend: moon girls


from yyxy one to butterfly effect


Image by janka kpop, sonatine, and heejin image
from sonatine to fallin' light


aesthetic, solo, and loona image
from vivid to flower
aesthetic, gif, and kim yewon image aesthetic, gif, and kim yewon image


aesthetic, hyunjin, and loona image
from around you to dreamcather
rainbow, the 5th mini album, and summer rain image rainbow, the 5th mini album, and summer rain image


girls, k-pop, and kpop image
from let me in to here we are
aesthetic, archive, and details image crossroads, friend, and holding hands image


girls, k-pop, and kpop image
from kiss later to tarot cards
kpop, eunha, and gfriend image girls, kpop, and summer image


loona, viví, and kpop image
from everyday i love you to mago
gfriend, girl group, and kpop girl group image girl group, kpop girl group, and kpop image

odd eye circle

planets image space, stars, and aesthetic image
from girl front to fingertip

kim lip

beauty, music video, and outfit image
from eclipse to apple
gfriend, gfriend kpop, and gfriend pics image yewon, sowon, and yuju image


loona, aesthetic, and kpop image
from singing in the rain to better me
disco, kpop girls, and gfriend image bar, cocktail, and disco image


blue, concept, and kpop image
love cherry motion to grwm
gfriend, umji, and sowon image aesthetic, tumblr, and gfriend image


rollercoaster, fun, and photography image retro, screencap, and navillera image
from love4eva to navillera


yves, loona, and kpop image
from new to love spell
aesthetic, dance, and girl image aesthetic, girl, and OC image


Image by pretzel<3
from heart attack to creme brulee
labyrinth, kim sojung, and gfriend '回:labyrinth' image gfriend, sowon, and sinb image


kpop and loona image
from one & only to room of mirrors
hwang eun bi, sinb, and 신비 image fancy, kpop, and yuju image

olivia hye

egoist, hyejoo, and olivia hye image
from egoist to labyrinth
adventure, photography, and pirates image aesthetic, umji, and sowon image