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D N A (2012)

glitter, aesthetic, and makeup image quotes and text image pink, quotes, and aesthetic image blood, bohemian, and color image microphones, orange, and rosegold image fashion, aesthetic, and glitter image

S A L U T E (2013)

nyc, dior, and women image aesthetic and theme image fashion, shoes, and black image aesthetic, kiss, and statue image celebrity, fashion, and model image girl and woman image

G E T W E I R D (2015)

friends, sunset, and aesthetic image Image by Kira ⛓ magic, galaxy, and hands image pink, lightning, and grunge image hearts, dick, and words image 80's, hippie, and retro image

G L O R Y D A Y S (2016)

beauty, hands, and girls image car, pink, and vintage image beauty, eyes, and jewellery image drinks, fabulous, and girly image beautiful, goals, and quotes image Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨

L M 5 (2018)

little mix, jade, and leigh anne image aesthetic, cry, and remember image music, disc, and song image Image by TXINGU VK girls, skin, and body positivity image quotes image

C O N F E T T I (2020)

selena gomez image music, quotes, and world image coffee, Kendall, and summer image stars, glitter, and makeup image art, love, and black and white image Image removed

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