Hello everyone! this Friday came out one of the albums I've been expecting the longest for this year: 'confetti' by Little Mix. I've been a mixer since, literally, the beginning and to see their growth as a band and the road that each member has been following is amazing.

Because of that, I present to you a sincere and honest 'reaction/review' of their newest album.

also! I've been thinking of uploading more content about albums, artists and playlists so if you have any recommendations send me a message and I'll try to make it happened as soon as possible.
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- 'Confetti' by Little Mix

๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก = 6/10

artist: Little Mix
type: album
tracks: 13
duration: 40 minutes
release date: November 6th, 2020
singles: 'break up song', 'holiday' and 'sweet melody'

1. 'break up song'

"i don't wanna turn back time
'cause what's another lonely night?
i know under these lights, i'm good without you"
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I loved since it came out that 80's vibe that comes from their melody and lyrics. I remember thinking that it was amazing to hear them sing songs like that and I was a little bit lost to the direction the album was going.

2. 'holiday'

"i swear you put the sun up in my sky"
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as a second choice to tell everyone about the album was a little out of place. like if we compare both singles, at the moment, was a bit chaotic. personally, I loved 'break up song' more maybe because of the vibe. 'holiday' came out in winter, for me, so I wasn't feeling it but now I'm really into it.

3. 'sweet melody'

"he used to sing me sweet melodies
he played me, made me believe it was real love"
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personally, my favorite single of this album. an absolute banger from begging to end. I loved Jesy's vocals in this and the bridge of Leigh-anne was amazing. so excited for the two of them and their parts in this album so far.

4. 'confetti'

"never be the girl i was before
i'ma let the good things in my lifะต rain down"
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at first I wasn't feeling this song, but after some replays I felted the need to hear it more often. such a feel good anthem and I think it tells a lot of being in a toxic relationship/friendship, etc and how much better you feel after you realize the damage you were doing to yourself. it needs more recognition.

5. happiness

"dancing alone in the dark, shadows all over me
you messed with my heart too long, that was a big mistake"
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i became obsessed with this track as soon it came out. following the theme of 'confetti' it tells in a more catchy and in a kind of catharsis, at least for me, about how you tend to lose yourself in behalf of making someone else happy, but you forget about your own. also, Leigh-Anne again!

6. 'not a pop song'

"said to follow any dream
be a puppet on a string
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being honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this one. I mean, I love the message but the 'I don't give a what!' at the end of the chorus are not my favorite, a little cringe for me. but a fan of the lyrics and empowerment.

7. 'nothing but my feelings'

"so you should probably come through
if you know what's good for you"
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another one that wasn't my favorite, it still not in my top, but I love the vibe and Perrie's vocals in this -for some reason- kills me and again, Leigh-anne!! I love her so much in this album.

8. 'gloves up'

"nothin' can stop me, stop the applause
they thought i was over, down on the floor
ain't tappin' out, see me comin' for more"
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i was so excited to hear the full song and it didn't disappoint at all. I heard this song was meant to be this huge stage performance and I totally see that going while I listen to it. also, we need to have a serious conversation about Leigh-anne's and Perrie's vocals.

9. 'a mess (happy 4 you)"

"if i can't be happy, happy with you
i'll be happy, happy for you"
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i love the message and the honest lyrics that this track represents and wants to give. not one of the catchiest from the first listen but the lyrics and rhythm wins me over.

10. 'my love won't let you down'

"you been knocked down a million times
screamin' out, you don't know what to do
that's when i'll be right next to you
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the ballad. my favorite -vocally speaking-, I mean, we all know this girls are super talented and all they sing is amazing, but to hear a song like this in an album that seems so upbeat and everything like that was refreshing. I missed to hear them like this.

11. 'rendeszvous'

"miss you, why you make me miss you
i guess that's my issue"
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not my favorite at first listen as another ones I have been explaining before, but the chorus is so catchy to me. and, Jesy's vocals are my death here, that spicy and sexy vibe is the perfect element for a song like this.

12. 'if you want my love'

"come on boy, let's face it
everything you're doin' right now is so basic"
little mix image Image by Mika
when I heard the teaser I thought I wasn't going to be into it, but when the album came out, it changed my mind completely. and, I mean, Perrie's vocals, that high note like oh my god. I didn't know I needed it until it came. so good.

13. 'breathe'

"my baby don't love me no more
and it hurts like hell
it's like i don't love myself"
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one of my favorites. I love the concept and vibes the song leaves me everytime I listen to the complete album. such a nice way to end the experience of 'confetti'. and, in this track, I love jade's vocals so much.

personal ranking:
1. sweet melody
2. happiness
3. my love won't let you down
4. breathe
5. gloves up
6. break up song
7. confetti
8. if you want my love
9. nothing but my feelings
10. a mess (happy 4 you)
11. rendezvous
12. holiday
13. not a pop song

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I personally loved this album. it was what I needed for long and it came out in the right time to enjoy and cry. I loved since the beginning their uplifting, honest and empowerment type of songs and they didn't disappoint at all with this incredible album. I'm so happy about this project and really excited about this era in general. they all got the chance to shine with this tracks which make me so happy while listening on repeat.

please get the album in any platform and stream their music.
and in no further do, good night! to all my companions who live I the south side of the earth. see you soon!

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