pretty litte liars girls as the rising signs
aria montgomery: aries, scorpio, aquarius
books, crime and punishment, and soft image chocolate, christmas, and cosy image aesthetic, clothes, and golden hour image book, read, and photography image aesthetic, grunge, and pastel image bed, room, and bedroom image
emily fields: taurus, leo, pisces
Image by r a c h e l motorbike, motorcycle, and triumph image all star, black, and converses image art, girl, and Nude image aesthetic, black, and fashion image cafe, coffee, and coffeehouse image
hanna marin: cancer, virgo, libra
drink, pink, and aesthetic image beauty, lipgloss, and makeup image sweater, style, and clothes image Image by Private User bath, candles, and couples image pink, donuts, and food image
spencer hastings: gemini, sagittarius, capricorn
Image by Private User aesthetic image book, bed, and aesthetic image quotes, french, and words image Image by Private User food, breakfast, and coffee image