Pictures and videos are always fun on social media. But, we all know that the true bread and butter of social media (and text messaging) are the memes and GIFs. GIFs always say it best when it comes to your reaction or feeling on something you just read, or watched. They have taken over expression with words to say the least. It goes without saying that GIFs have become a cult favorite in the last few years. While there are plenty of amazing GIF libraries available for download on your mobile device, nothing beats creating your own. Instead of sharing GIFs that have already been shared by others, create fresh ones using your own pictures and videos! Better yet, use these GIF apps to create viral worthy GIFs with your own pictures and videos!


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GifLab makes it easy and fun to create GIFs on your iOS device.

Create GIFs of fun moments with family or friends, memorable sport highlights, a silly selfie to send to your friends via text, and much more.

Features Include:

• Turn your own videos into GIFs: repeat loop, looperang, reverse loop
• Share GIFs to Instagram by easily converting to video
• Adjust the GIF quality: S, M, L, HD
• Adjust the GIF speed: .5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x
• Add custom text & font styles
• Easily share to the world via message, email, or your favorite social network

GIF Maker by Momento

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Momento uses a detection algorithm that automatically creates beautiful moments by selecting and creating with pictures already stored on your mobile device.

Features Include:

• Stickers
• Text
• Frames
• AR
• Music
• Filters
• Adjust
• Speed
• Direction
• Trim
• Zoom
• Effects

ImgPlay - GIF Maker

Image by WeHeartItUploads
Image by WeHeartItUploads

ImgPlay will convert, split, and edit your pictures into GIFs and videos. You will be able to customize GIFs from video, live pictures, and picture bursts.

Features Include (but not limited to):

GIF or Video Creation:
• Using Live Photo.
• Using Burst Photos.
• Photo-by-Photo (Slideshow)
• Partial Video-Editing Features
• Partial GIF-Editing Features
• Video Recording Tools
• Import from Wi-Fi, iTunes & Dropbox

Four Camera Modes:

• Hands-Free; Normal; Stop-Motion; Boomerang

GIFO - Best GIF Camera

Image by WeHeartItUploads
Image by WeHeartItUploads

GIFO makes it easy and fast to make and share animated GIF collages, memes, and reaction GIFs.

Features Include (but are not limited to):

• Create 4 GIFs, like never before, to make a stunning animated collage
• Speed up or slow-mo GIFs
• Apply cool filters, frames, colorful text and fonts
• Notification Center widget to quickly make GIFs
• Switch between front or rear camera
• Save as a GIF or video file to your camera roll
• Copy GIF without saving in camera roll to directly paste in other apps