songs for ur luver or unrequited love
basically just love songs
some r sad some r not! lolll

ur homegirl is supposed to be studying for her exams but here she is writing a playlist article i-
(plenty more songs!!!)


fool for you - zayn
hard feelings/loveless - lorde
can I call you tonight? - dayglow

Image removed aesthetic, archive, and theme image
"cause i remember the rush when forever was us"

i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys
sofia - clairo
anything 4 you - lany

car, theme, and aesthetic image couple, Relationship, and love image
"i spent the summer on your couch, you fell in love with someone else"

best years - 5 seconds of summer
all i wanted - paramore
sweet creature - harry styles

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"i promise darling, you won't regret"
hope you enjoyed!