and the worst part is i don’t even know if it’s me that you’re missing

i know i miss you everyday with each inch of my body

yet... i don’t even know if you think of me

do you think of the way our hands linked so perfectly that night?
how i placed my head on your shoulder so gently?
how our souls intertwined as the moon lit up the sky and we sat in awe of the stars?

these moments in time play over and over in my mind

i tell them to stop

but they yell back in defiance

there’s no where i can go without reminders of you

you are everywhere

you are in the light of day as the leaves fall
you are in the way the moon lights up the dark
you are in the way the stars shine so vividly
you are my morning
you are my night

you are everything to me

and i am nothing

i am nothing to you

at least not anymore.

- [2:48am]