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picasso is one of the most well known artists in the world, he contributed his ideas of art to the world and created important eras of art like cubinism, surrealism, expressionalis, etc and most important of all, he's a player. i thought since we know picasso as a painter, we should know his paintings too, enjoy :)

guernica - 1937
art, Guernica, and picasso image
this painting contributes to the tragedies of war and the suffering that individuals went through, it's an embodiment of peace and represents anti war. this is picasso's most politcal work, guernica is a town in spain and spain is the birthplace of picasso, since he hadn't visited in several years he wanted to create artwork dedicated to it.
the weeping woman - 1937
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this painting is in relation with guernica, the woman mourns from the war and tragedies that have occured, the model who modeled for this painting was dora maar, who was picasso's lover in the mid 1930's. you can see how complex the painting looks because of how much emotion picasso wanted to break down and express in the face.
les demoiselles d'avignon - 1907
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this is picasso's most famous artwork relating to cubism. he distorted the females body shapes in this painting as to shy away from the norm of female representation. this took nine months to complete and his colleague and competitor said that the females in the paintings were "hideous whores" because he was afraid that picasso's painting would shy away from this own paintings and steal his thunder.
the old guitarist - 1904
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picasso painted this just after the suicide death of a close friend of his. this painting was part of picasso's blue period in which he painted many paintings using shades of blues. most of picasso's blue period paintings have emotions to do with sorrow and grief. this was about picasso's criticism of society and a metaphor for human existence
girl before a mirror - 1934
Image by rue
the girl is pregnant and from the mirror she sees lopsided breasts and a fat belly, the girl has a glowing face but in the mirror it is dark giving a sense that his woman is seen as flaws. the young girl is named marie therese walter and was painted many times in the 1930's by picasso. he was very bold with his paintings and use disjointed sense of time and new forms and styles which is less commonly known as modernism.
portrait of gertrude stein - 1905
pablo, picasso, and portrait image
pablo hoped to have a relationship with stein, according to gertrude she sat for him about ninety times before picasso abandoned it unfinished. the more picasso looked at her while sitting on a tiny kitchen chair the more he was undecided on how he should include both her real features and an important meaning behind the painting, at last he said he can't look at her anymore and abandoned it entirely.
le rêve - 1932
Image by rue
le rêve means the dream in french, picasso painted this when he was 50 and his 22 year old mistress, marie therese walter portrayed herself for this painting. it sold for $7,000 in 1941 and then again for $48 million
science and charity - 1897
Image by rue
picasso did this at the age of 16, this is one of the most representative works of art in his early years. he earned a gold medal and an honorable mention, since it shows a deathbed scenes it was a relatively popular subject over europe.

i hope you guys liked this article, i'll probably do more these with different artists, stay safe