Guess what guys...
...we are in quarantine once again...
Yep, I hoped this would not happen again, but here we are.
So, since I have nothing to do,
I have decided to come up with a list of tips on what to do at home ALONE.
Believe me you can have fun on your own without even going outside.
Enjoy!! 💖

1. draw doodles or mandalas

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_italic_ Mandalas are perfect for relaxation. Forget about all the problems from outside world and enjoy with a cup of coffee or a tea.

2. learn to write with non-dominant hand

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_italic_ For me it is my left hand. I tried this challenge and it was so fun to see how hard it was to write with my non-dominant hand.

3. learn to knit

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_italic_ Itʼs a great way to spend more time with your parents or grandparents but you can also try knitting on your own.

4. redo your room

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_italic_ Give your room a different look. Give it a new paint or new decorations or simply clean it up a bit. You will immediately feel better.

5. listen to a playlist

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_italic_ By listening to conversations you can improve your listening skills and perhaps learn a new language.

6. write a diary

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_italic_ I know this might sound lame and cliché, but when you write your feelings down youʼll feel better, nearly as if talking to a friend.

7. grow something

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_italic_ Gardening can be super fun even when you don´t have a garden. You can go perfectly fine with a balcony or just a window. Easy to maintain are cacti or herbs, but if you are feeling super ambitious you can also try vegetables and fruit.

8. learn to bake

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_italic_ I have been baking for 10 years now and I LOVE it. You can start with cupcakes since they are very simple to bake and fun to decorate!

9. change your closet

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_italic_ Quarantine is perfect for getting rid of old, dull clothes and giving your closet a new fresh vibe.

10. write

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I found my new passion - writing. I might not be best at it, but it is my way of expressing myself. You can try writing articles, poems or even books.

These are my 10 tips for you to try at home, I hope you liked them and will have fun while doing them.
Also let me know if you want PART 2 (I have a few ideas up my sleeve so I´d be pleased to do next part😊)
You can also print this out and tick off things you complete.

Stay happy&safe!💖

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