We live in a world where social media belongs to the everyday lifes of most of us. But is it really that good to be so invested in Apps that were invented to connect us?

I personally am feeling the impact social media has on me and my thoughts. Especially Instagram is messing with my mind sometimes. I tend to watch what everyone is doing and then I see myself getting in a bad mood. But why?

Instagram and any other social media platform is not real life. I like sharing stories or posts and also seeing content that inspires me or just makes me laugh. But the comparison to others, not only from the outside but also the inside, is dangerous.

I am also struggeling to keep my hands off my phone but I am trying. Something that just recently opened my eyes again was the documentary on Netflix:
" Our social dilemma "
I know that the shown sceneries are exeggerated but many aspects hit me.

Social media is great to keep us connected and give us a lot of infos, inspos and also a good laugh. Especially in this year it has shown its benefits. But as many other things it should be enjoyed with a little caution in the back of your head.