Welcome to my first episode of glowing up. Join me in the process and let's become the people we deserve to be :)

weight loss, I feel like almost everyone is familiar to this concept and if you are reading this, chances are that you are planning to start one too. So now before we get into the nitty gritty i want you to promise me that at this very moment you let go of all the guilt, shame or regret you might be feeling. Let it go. Write it down, and throw it away. Done? Ok lets get into it!

For now I'm gonna share with you the things I will be doing, as well as things I have done which is already helping me.

I wanna preface by saying that I am NOT a health professional so take everything I'm saying as my personal sharing, and


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1. Create a goal.

A few years ago I started a weightloss journey without a get goal and yeah I got great results or whatever but I didn't have a reason to maintain the weight I had lost which led to a lost in motivation and ability to maintain and essentially I gained a lot of it back.

Whether it's a number goal, or a fat percentage goal, or maybe a pair of jeans you wanna fit into. If it gets you to get up and do something about your current state then there you have it, a goal.

My personal goal is to reach 55kgs which for my height 170cm, is pretty lean but that's my goal, but we never know, maybe 60kgs will look more healthy on me. That's just my current goal but remember goals change as we change so yeah. Make a goal for yourself and write it down, stick it somewhere you will see it everyday.

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2. Intermittent fasting

Now this is one thing that I am NOT going to recommend to everyone. DO NOT do it you have a glucose imbalance, underlying health issues or a history of disordered eating. It will only make things worse for you, but this is what I am planning to start because I know that I can do it because I have tried it. Maybe give it a go for 3-4 days and if you feel good then keep going, if not PLEASE stop.

I plan to do 17-7 fast which means I have a 7 hour eating window, however I like to practice flexible intermittent fasting which means that if my family wants to go get breakfast together, I will just eat it because obviously you don't want a 'diet' to ruin moments you could spend with your loved ones.

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3. Fasted cardio

I feel like I should say that keep in mind that there are MANY other ways to lose weight and I am honestly tried so many ways, this is just another way I am trying honestly if it doesn't work or if it is unsustainable I will stop it, just as you should cause I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that my way is the only way and I have lost 20 kgs in the past from still eating breakfast and desserts so it is possible. Just remember.

Ok, so I am going to be doing fasted cardio most mornings because I now have time to work out in the mornings and honestly this is more of a convenience thing, you could still lose the same amount of weight by working out at 6pm. Since I am intermitent fasting and working out in the morning I feel like I dont really have much of a choice but to do fasted cardio. But i guess it's an idea for anyone who wants to try because it means your body can start burning fat a little earlier than if you already have food in your body. But if you start to feel dizzy EAT something.

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4. Liquid calories

I see liquid calories as the enemy of weight loss to be honest. Your whole daily energy expenditure could be finished on a starbucks frapp and it's ridiculous to me. Don't get me wrong, I love bubble tea more than 90% of things in this world, however usually liquid calories have shit tons of sugar in them and they don't even keep you full.

So I don't really drink any liquid calories apart from the occasionally bubble tea and when I am on a weight loss journey I actively stay away from them. This is one tip I would recommend to everyone because it doesn't take much to change. Instead of me saying drink water to you as if you are stupid, I would say stay away from liquid calories, yes drink water, but you can also drink teas (not fit teas cause they are bullshit please don't drink them), and black coffee, and sparkling water and naturally flavoured waters. Lots of options, so stay away from the fraps and boba just for a while, and I promise it will just become a part of your routine.

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5. Don't Restrict

Ok, you might be thinking this girl is nuts, how do you lose weight and not restrict. I genuinely believe with my heart and soul that if you heavily restrict while trying to lose weight you are sabotaging yourself. Trust me I know, I once tried to lose weight by eating under 1000 calories a day and it only made me feel like shit, get low blood pressure and yoyo gain weight. Sure, maybe skipping dessert one day because you ate a big dinner is fine, but you don't have to skip dessert every day. Looking after you mind is just as important as your body and I think that eating a cookie will not make you gain weight. Restricting heavily only puts you in a shitty mindset and will make you angry and hate life. You will constantly be thinking about your next meal and eating out will just be an anxiety shithole.

So don't restrict, make conscious decisions about choosing healthier food and if you mess up, drink a glass of water, brush it off and move on. Life if long and beautiful and one day of messing up will not ruin you. Balance is more important than all or nothing.

Therefore I am not gonna restrict myself and enjoy what I want in moderation, and eat to feel good.

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6. Sugar

For me, sugar is kind of a problem because when I eat it I tend to eat it in mass amounts, so although I am not counting calories because I think that counting calories is so unhealthy and just not the way to go, I want to be more mindful of how much artificial sugar I consume and try to control myself a little more around the sweets, instead of eating 5 squares of chocolate, I will just eat 2 because I get the same satisfaction from eating 2 as 5.

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That's it for my first episode of my glow up journey, I hope you guys got something out of this, and GOOD LUCK with your own journeys. Feel free to send me a message or DM me on insta @ julzzly if you wanna chat or need some motivation or advice :) cause we're in this together.

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