Welcome to Frondescence Boarding school. This is a prestigious academy for the brightest youngsters who have the willingness and drive to learn great things about our natural world. We are the oldest out of our sister schools in the country. We are delighted that you have come to visit us.

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Students will enter the grounds on the electrical train.

Tour of the school

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the walkway entrance
architecture, art, and kingdom image aesthetic, nature, and garden image garden and plants image garden, green, and nature image
Different walkways
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Classes will either be conducted inside the main building, house classes, or outside to allow students to feel more connected to nature.
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Outside cafeteria, assembly corridor, local quarry, and the president's house.

Dorms houses

castle, fae, and fairy image book image fae, swamp, and garden image aesthetic, water, and nature image
Fae house. Strong Characteristic: Optimism
castle, once upon a time, and fairytale image Image by 𝓔𝓵𝓵𝓮 flowers and garden image огонь, ярко, and птица image
Phoenix house. Strong Characteristic: Compassion
blue, castle, and interior image Image by rabah harry potter, ravenclaw, and hogwarts image horse, sky, and thunder image
Storm stallions house. Strong Characteristic: Wild cards
dark, black, and architecture image Image by Marie mysterious, photography, and victorian image van helsing and werewolf image
Werewolf house. Strong Characteristic: Protective


crystal, magic, and witch image crystal, grunge, and vintage image crystal, etsy, and healing image crystal, 1050, and gold image
animals, travel, and forest image bunnies, bunnygirl, and tumblr image cat, animal, and aesthetic image Swan, aesthetic, and art image
Animal telepathy
flowers, nature, and blue image pale, tea, and flowers image bird, book, and aesthetic image book, old, and witch image
Plant & flower magic
hand, rocks, and telekinesis image earthbender, book 2, and atla image
Earth bending
harry potter, herbology, and hogwarts image etsy, herb garden, and herbs image green, harry potter, and herbology image crystals, herbs, and magic image
balance, celtic, and charmed image forest, nature, and tree image forest, nature, and green image green, nature, and plants image
Tree of life & modern connections
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Plant telepathy
business, science, and technology image oddity, science, and storm image rainbow, lightning, and nature image Image by suzanne _cotter
Weather studies & magic


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A bull

Ending Note:

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We are excited for students to start this upcoming fall. Thank you for coming to visit us.