Hey guys,
I hope everyone is alright. A quick disclaimer before I start this article: This article will deal with a minor exams season. So what I mean by that is that you have one to three exams a week but you still have normal course work, homework and extra curriculars. Just putting that out there so that we all know what I am talking about. Let's start.

Start early

Of course this is easier said than done and often times it is just physically impossible to start early. But it is important to start taking concise notes as you go along and as early as possible. I, for example, learn well from summarising the course work and then learning from that for an exam. If you have a similar strategy it is extremely beneficial if you make these summaries during non-exam season. Then during exam season you only have to make a few more and you can really focus on getting it in your head and doing practise questions.

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Pomodoro Technique

Under normal circumstances I have only a few hours every day that I can dedicate to studying for an exam during exam season. That is why it is so important to get the most out of this time. For me the Pomodoro Technique works really well because I avoid procrastination during studying and I don't get brain fog.

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Studying with others

Now you probably don't have the time to meet up and study together because exams are not the only priority during this time. What you can still do is to talk about it during study period just to get another opinion. If you live at home and your parents or guardians have time I find it extremely helpful to ask your parents to quiz you on the material. Especially in the evening I don't have the energy to motivate myself to do active recall. I sit down with my mum and tell her the information and she looks at my summaries and tells me what I forgot. That way I still can learn a bit even if I am drained after a long day.

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A Passion Project

To boost your motivation it is extremely helpful to find something you long to do. That doesn't have to be something extraordinary for me it is usually a book or a story that I cannot wait to continue. Just find something you greatly desire to do. I experienced that like this I have more energy to continuously study till break time. Plus I look forward to the end of studying. I usually stop an hour before going to bed and then use this time to do my "passion project". It just boosts your motivation when you know what to do in breaks and after studying and not that you will scroll mindlessly through social media.

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These are all my experiences I can think of for now. I probably forgot a ton. I wish you the best of luck. Please be mindful of yourself and your mental health especially during exam season.