warning: this article covers topics such as murder, mutilation, possession, and other dark topics. please don't read if you are uncomfortable with dark topics!

﹙🎃 ﹚— the amityville horror

On November 13th, 1974, there was a mass murder inside a home in Amityville, New York. Using a .35 Marlin rifle, 23-year-old Ronald J. DeFeo Jr. murdered his entire family while they slept. This included his parents and four siblings.

About a year later, the Lutz family purchased the home at a drastically reduced price (i wonder why...). However, they only stayed there 28 days before fleeing the house. They reported paranormal activity and felt that the spirits of Ronald and his family still lingered in the house.

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﹙🎃 ﹚— the conjuring

In January 1971, the Perron family moved into a 14-room house in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The Perron family consisted of Carolyn and Roger Perron and their five daughters. Soon after moving in, the family began to experience strange events.

It started small with things being 'misplaced', noticing dirt around the house after it was just cleaned, and unexplained scratching noises. The daughters began to experience spirits around the house and for the most part they were harmless, but there were spirits that were angry.

After some research, Carolyn discovered the house had been in the same family for eight generations and all of them died in horrific ways. Over the ten years that the family lived in the house, the Warrens made multiple trips to investigate. At one point, Lorraine conducted a seance to attempt to contact the spirits that were possessing the family. During the seance, Carolyn Perron became possessed, speaking in tongues and rising from the ground in her chair.

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﹙🎃 ﹚ — child's play

Although Chucky isn't actually real, he is inspired from a real life doll named Robert. Robert is a unique doll who was first owned (and named) by a painter from Florida named Robert Eugene Otto. According to legend, Robert the Doll was given as a gift in 1903 to young Eugene. The gift came from a woman who was a servant for Eugene’s family. The woman was abused, and thus used the art of voodoo to get her revenge.

When strange things started happening around the house – knocked over furniture, ripped up toys, etc. – Eugene was always found terrified in his room claiming that, “Robert did it.” Neighbors and friends of the Otto family also reported that Robert possessed supernatural qualities. It was told that when the Otto family was absent, Robert would sometimes blink, laugh, or even roam about the house. Often Eugene’s parents heard blood curdling cries from Eugene’s room, and when they checked on their son, his faithful doll Robert was always at Eugene’s bedside. One day, Eugene’s aunt who was living with them at the time, suggested that Robert be locked up in the attic. That very night, the aunt died in her sleep.

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﹙🎃 ﹚ — scream

In 1990, a man named Danny Rolling was found guilty of murdering five college student in Gainesville, Florida.

He murdered these students on separate nights during their fall quarter. He would sneak into their dorms and murder and mutilate them. Danny Rolling had a previous history of robberies and violence.

Soon after the murders, Danny was thrown in jail for robbing a store and crashing the getaway car. While Danny was in jail for the robbery, another man was being accused of his murders. Luckily, the murders were eventually traced back to Danny and he was sentenced to death for his crimes in 2006.

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﹙🎃 ﹚ — annabelle

Unlike Chucky, Annabelle is an actual doll who is considered very possessed and very dangerous. Their appearances are different with the movie version being porcelain and the real version being a raggedy doll. According to Ed and Lorraine Warren, the doll is inhabited by an inhuman spirit.

Annabelle is locked away in the Warren's museum and there is a warning on the glass to not touch. One museum-goer who ignored the warnings and taunted the doll, died in a motorcycle crash shortly after being told to leave the museum.

The story of Annabelle supposedly began in in 1970 when a 28-year-old nurse received the doll as a birthday gift from her mom. Shortly afterwards, the doll began exhibiting strange behavior such as moving positions and supposedly leaving notes saying 'help me, help us'. It turns out the doll had been possessed by the spirit of Annabelle Higgins, a girl who died on the property at the age of 7.

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﹙🎃 ﹚ — the exorcist

In the late 1940s, there was a 13 year old boy named Roland Doe who lived in Washington D.C. After losing his beloved Aunt Harriet, Roland began having strange experiences, such as his mattress moving on its own and strange scratching noises.

Roland's family became disturbed and tried to contact every professional they knew. They contacted doctors, psychiatrists, and church ministers, but it didn't help. The local Catholic priest, Father E. Albert Hughes, decided to perform an exorcist in late February of 1949. This went wrong and Roland ended up hurting the priest.

After many more failed exorcists from many other priests, Roland was eventually able to expel the demon from his body in April of 1949.

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﹙🎃 ﹚ — texas chainsaw massacre

This movie is loosely based off of America's famous killer, Ed Gein. Also known as the Butcher of Plainfield, Ed began his reign of terror in 1957. He fashioned trophies and furniture from human skin and bones. Some were made from bodies he had stolen from graves, others were from his victims that he murdered. He is said to have killed only two women before being caught.

At the time of his arrest, officials found many gruesome items in his home including: human skin covering his chair seats, bowls made from human skulls, leggings made from human skin, and a belt made from human nipples.

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