TW/ attachment, separation anxiety
(lowercase intended)

"I wish that I was good enough, I wish you cared a little more." -Lewis Capaldi in Hold me While you Wait

I will forever want to be yours, but I know that I am a fish in a sea of mermaids.

The moment you told me I should leave, I knew I couldn't, not because I love you, but because I know that nobody else understands you like I do.

I'd do anything to make you happy, not caring in the least if it hurts me, it that is toxic then I'll be toxic for you.
Sorry I cannot leave you,
I wish you knew your worth, I wish I could tell you it day and night. But I know you only listen to your own words, just like me.

Maybe that's why I can't seem to disappear, As much as I wish I could.

"Every morning I wake up and feel like I'm not worth it because I'm at war peace." -NF in Hate Myself

Without you, I feel hopeless, even though I know I don't take up a single thought in your brain.