Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries

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I know many people see her as a Virgo, but honestly? No. Caroline is selfless, loyal and dosen't try to be perfect, she try's to please people and be loved (this are different things). She has low self esteem and has that dork energies that every pisces has a little bit. Besides that she isn't judging people around her or trying to fix them, she just wants love and be loved. AND she has ALOT of empathy (so much that she fells something for Klaus and understands him).
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OBS: Matt is a Taurus or a Cancer, Tyler is definitely a Ares, Stefan is a virgo and Klaus is a capricorn.

America Singer from The Selection

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She's romantic and has a strong connection to music, but not only this: America has pisces flaws, she procrastinate while dealing with conflict and other situations by doing anything else (many think she my be a libra because of that, but a libra wouldn't decide, they would want to gave this decision power to someone else, and more, libras tend to have great social hability, unlike a pisces that would act dramatic and confused, would talk withou thinking too much and doens't have that hability in such a natural way).
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OBS: Maxon is definitely a virgo, witch makes sense cause Virgo is the exactly opposite and complementary Zodiac sing for pisces. Aspen is probrably a Libra.

Lara Jean from All The Boys I Loved

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She shows the dreaming side of this Zodiac sign (sometimes the only side people recognize in it). Lara Jean dreams with romance, but its afraid of falling in love and prefer a platonic love than a real one, writing latters, fake dating and falling for a guy, is such a pisces thing to do! Even the whole confuse way she is around John (that happens on the second movie) is a pisces thing too.
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OBS: John Ambrose is a Cancer, Peter is a Libra, her neighbor is a Taurus.

Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

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Like Lara Jean she's dreaming, and a little judge. She accepts what is told and become a innocent lady, with time Sansa shows a mutable side of a pisces: she observe, adapt, and learn, by doing this she survived and fight for her home not ever forgetting who she is.
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OBS: John Snow is definitely a Pisces too!

Feyre Archeron from A Court of Thrones and Roses

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She has the selfless side of a pisces, the adept and victim's side too. Feyre helps her family survived using a weapon that isn't brutal or violent, is silent and needs patience. She also sacrificed herself many times during the books: first to help and protect her family, them to save the men she loves. After that she feels guilt, ending up with trauma and being a victim of a abusive relationship (with a Taurus men), only to be helped by another person and them learn to fight for herself again, like Sansa, Feyra shows the adaptable side of this water sign.
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OBS: Tamlin is definitely a Taurus and Rhysand is definitely a Scorpio.

Cristine D'ie from The Phantom of The Opera (The Musicals)

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She is a pisces in its stereotypical way: innocent, dreamy, feminine and naturally artistic. She shines with a sweet voice, has a dreaming mind and believes in tales that her father told her before he died. She end up being victim of a stalker, while she only wished to sing and marry her childhood best friend.
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OBS: Eric/The Phanton is definitely a Scorpio and Raul/Good Guy is definitely a Taurus/Cancer.

You may found repetitive the way I described some zodiac signs that play a romantic role with the pisces famele, but the thing is: Pisces matches with certaing zodiac sign and this characters have a surtain dynamic that remind me of this zodiac signs with a pisces.