birthname: lou mortimer
nicknames: lu, mr. darcy, hozier guy
birthday: 22.08
zodiac: leo
blood type: b-
affiliation: senior in detective department


hair and hairstyle image anime, fox mask, and japanese image Image by BUSA bandaged, hands, and fashion image
silky hair, slanted blue eyes, bandaged woundy hands

ethnicity: english, myanmarase
height: 167
weight: 57
hair color: dyed
eye color: cold blue


clothes, clothing, and outfit image alternative, grunge, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and dark image 90s aesthetic sweater image silver jewelry, tie dye sweater, and fashion style mode image nike, shoes, and aesthetic image
she loves comfy clothes but doesn't likes messiness
keyboard cat image heart, aesthetic, and hate image Image by Trinity3 aesthetic, art, and dark image
a pendant from her mom (a family photo)


positive traits:

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talented, witty, organized, studious, responsible, mature, curious, rational, just, patient, timid, observant, fast-learner, foresightful , brave, calm, clever, enthusiastic, trustful, meticulous, loyal, indepented, devoted

negative traits:

80s, kodak, and camera image dizzy, cat soup, and gif image
gloomy, mysterious, strict, quite, calculating, dull, punctual, stubborn, proud, shy, fanatical, bizarre, blunt, inflexible, stingy, judgmental, morbid, obsessive, withdrawn, workaholic, lone wolf


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likes: researching, doing tasks, helping others in need, being with Axel, chess, hozier, jazz, enka, old movies, horror genre, puzzles, science stuff, reading philosophers, weird informations, wandering, walking, mp3, rainy days, cats, open libraries, weird shops, drawing places, gardening, cleaning, sleeping, sahlep, eating, tea-leaf salad, hto-hpu nwe (hot tofu), mohinga, laverbread, cullen skink, lancashire hotpot, tourtiere, dumplings, satay, mooncakes, steampunk, taking photos, buying gifts, doing candles and soaps, spa days, visiting mom, sudoku, building bird houses, reading magazines, going to scenic spots, finding unknown places, humming, whistling sounds

dislikes: fashion, dojo classes, disappointment, seeing her friends getting hurt, injuries, cold weather, scarf, skyscrapers, concrete, cars, factories, traditional families, religions, noisy people, spoiled girls, curry, sea food, jellies, pig products, chips, oily things, metal music, parties like sabbaths, black coffee, cheese, durian, pavlova, bossy people, cyber theme, sewing, laughing loudly, talking with her accent, family meetings, cooking, looking old photos, comedy movies, donating blood, calligraphy, shooting pools, going on a date, training animals, circus, reading poetry out loud

bad habits: eating too much, smoking cigs, always devoting herself, not expressing herself, too much working, watching news all the time, drinking soda/pop, cracking knuckles, mumbling, overmedicating, slouching, cheek biting

Inspiring Image on We Heart It 35mm, analogue, and documentary image

favourite color: dark purple
favourite dessert: kyauk kyaw
favorite song: no plan - hozier
favorite person: axel


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detective deparment


black widow, Marvel, and goals image Image by meaad

martial arts master// she's a master in defensive sports like judo. In classes she outshines with her defensive ability. Her martial arts information comes from her father, a dojo owner.

master sniper// her range's too good. The best in her class and also teachers admires her. In her freshman years archery club always wanted her but she didn't joined any of them.

seeing the smallest details // thanks to this ability she get in the detective department. She can see the smallest mistakes or sense the weirdness in places or situations.

problem solver // she quickly solves the problems or sees the right answer behind a case. She's determined and stubborn about these stuff. She can understands the criminals behaouvior

foresightfulness // they call her oracle cause of this ability. She can see the next move criminal will do or next place will be selected. She can easily establishes guilty people.

tactical and observant // she can make tactics according to criminals. But doesn't prefers to lead and listen mostly.


archive, colorful, and photography image 杉咲花 image cross, death, and field image cat and japan image

father; zeya mortimer: a really strict guy who's really bonded to traditions. He's a dojo owner in Tokyo. He lives in the dojo build with her mom and two daughters. He talkes rarely and has a hot temper. Loves bossing people around her and acts cold to them. A really proud guy, he lives simply and doing the daily routine. Lou doesn't takes him as an idol but they are similar at some ways. Surprisingly they spends a lot of time together, Zeya is really bound to family so he tries to do stuff with his family. He did some dirty stuff in the past so he took his wife's surname to move Japan.

mom; bethany mortimer: she was a british lady who traveled oftenly around the world. She met with Zeya when the two of them visited Japan. Bethany moved to Japan and took Zeya with her. They lived happily for a while but she had a terrible disease cause of the chemical explosion around Morioka. She loved nature and hated the technological devices. She started to protesting technology and artifical intelligence. She was a advisor in a high school. Lou really admired her and misses her so much that she sees her in dreams. They liked to go nature and forests around city. In that explosion day three of them were there but Bethany affected more.

sister; amayah mortimer: Amayah is a 15 year old freshman in high school. She still doesn't choose a job to master cause she's still young. She has been affected by the explosion like her mother. Sometimes she spits blood while coughing attacks and has sudden amnesias. Cause of this effects she didn't joined dojo lessons unlike Lou. She has a pretty voice and plays pipa. She likes to hang out with friends and having home parties. She loves making mechanical toys and stuff. She also loves food and cooking. So she's confused about her career chocies.


hand, love, and hold image Image by 𝒟 happiness, poetry, and positivity image school image
axel; they're friends from 8th grade when they had big exams. First he didn't noticed her but Lou always find him quite pretty and smart. So she approached him hardly. They joined different clubs but they had same study group at school. They started talking thanks to science magazines. After that she came his shop to fix her sister's flying robot. After that she become acquainted with Nyawir too. She started to help and learn about mechanics from Axel. She deeply adores and loves him it's an unconditional love. He cares for her and opens her little by little, after 4 years he waits her to open up to him. He loves taking her to eating foods and watching movies forcefully. It's actually like dates to other people.
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nyawir; everyone finds nyawir a little bit weird and odd but Lou doesn't treat her like that and always talked her patiently when she couldn't hear or understand slower. In her self crisis she always helped and take care of her. Lou loves to teach her lessons or explain things. They both know martial arts so they practice together and stretching themselves. Nyawir loves to make her desserts or prepare food. They always eat up cheap street foods and wander around. Actually Nyawir follows her cause she doesn't knows where to go sometimes and stays up night at her place. Lou afraids that something bad will happen to her so she always holds her hand.
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tate; they newly met so she doesn't really trusts him too much. But they started to spend lots of time even she started to going his studio. They smoke together and Tate always treats her desserts. They love to talk about literature and other stuff. They have so much in common. Lou loves her steampunk designed robots and appreciates his works. He started to partly work in their school as an intern teacher. After searching Axel together they become more and more close and she opened up to him rather than Axel. She had seen his greedy and cunning side but can't become distant to him. She still wants to help him about his bad acquaintances but finds out his dirty works so they become halfly enemies. In the she still runs to rescue him and warn him.


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Irina; they actually lots of reasons to like each other. At first they didn't know each other quite well. Lou found her quite silly cause she implant lots of devices to her body. After accompanying her to the country side with Akino they become closer. Actually they become interested in each other. At first Lou compared her with Bethany and felt sad when she looked at Irina but she found out that they had quite differences. Surprisingly Irina become a detective coach, an advisor for them so they began spending lots of time together. After protecting each other at crime scenes they started a romantical relationship. Lou directly opened up to her about the sexual love but Irina refused but Lou become more passionate about her. In the end they become a couple and Lou moved out to Irina's house.