Hello there! Once again, i am here with a new playlist and some recommendations.

  • sticky-ravyn lenae
  • won't-tanerélle
  • baby hallelujah-konradsen
aesthetic, pink, and shell image
  • alien-lee suhyun
  • different-woodz
  • why-ariza,maro
flowers, makeup, and aesthetic image
  • malleable-max leone
  • oh yeah-park won,sunmi
  • cayendo(side a-acoustic)-frank ocean
angelic, bliss, and pretty image
  • cool-weki meki
  • lovesick girls-blackpink
  • criminal-taemin
angel, aesthetic, and art image


friends, sunset, and aesthetic image
a movie: Frances Ha
angels of death image
an anime: Angels of death
filter, hello kitty, and icon image kpop, Taemin, and SHINee image
artists:woodz and taemin