This rising teen star "Ananda Ami" is already taking the world by storm, with her melodic music, her influential activism, and her accurate, unique tarot readings. Her audience is primarily other alternative teens.

Her platform grows by thousands everyday! Not only that but she already has an extremely supportive following. We are making this blog before she blows up so we can say we are Ms.Ananda's day 1's 😎

As of October 2020, the rising star has accumulated over 3,956 TikTok followers, with an estimated 37,102 likes across all videos. We asked some questions about her works, influences, and here is the young artist's response.

When asked "What is your creative process like?" Ananda says "My creative process is honestly kind of messy". She chuckles. "Honestly, it just comes naturally to me, I usually get ideas for videos right before I fall asleep, and during the day song lyrics just pop into my head, I love to let spirit guide me when it comes to my art.

Following her response, we asked the artist "who do you do it for?" "I do it for my ancestors, I do it for my descendants, I do it for the youth,I do it for me, I do it for Daisy, I do it for my people, I do it for mama, my grandma, all that". "It's honestly a lot, I know but this means a lot to me and my healing."

We later asked Ananda "What’s next for you?" She responds with "I'm psychic and what I see is huge things, it's not even a matter of speaking this into existence, I see huge things." She says firmly. "More music of course and always, branching out into my other projects more, like acting and being an influencer, attracting more and genuine opportunities and most importantly freeing my people, freeing the youth, and educating yet entertaining people at the same time."

From our interview with the young star, we have concluded 1. she is very outspoken. 2. A very strong, passionate, and determined, individual. Support this black content creator!

TikTok: @Anandaami
Instagram: @Anandaaami
Twitter: @Anandaami
and most importantly

Thank you for reading!