4 years and 8 months since the moon became lucent and our cosmic love was written out in the sky.

one thousand seven hundred four days since you let me enter your endearing heart. one thousand seven hundred four days since you let me feel what everlasting love means, one thousand seven hundred four days since your name was etched in every corners of my heart. i've been staring at this empty page for hours now, with boundless of thoughts filling up my mind and indescribable feelings taking over my heart which i want to let out and pour for you. this empty page reminds me of how was my life back then - without you. looking back, tornadoes of despair, agony and pain enveloped my whole life. it felt like i am continuously breaking and i have no one to depend on. but when the sky lowered its gaze making you a big part of my life; my tears, discomfort and torment all turned into a beautiful pain.

the stars have been a constant source of blissful buoyant and eternal haven for me. i am so fond of stars that they always remind me of you - an enthralling beauty existing in this lifetime. just like the stars who gives iridescent dews and vivid light to every dark corners in the world, it's you who lights up mine. you are the light that ushers me back home. you helped me get out of my austerity, where flood of melancholy drowns me in. you have given me sempiternal of reasons to go on and live happily. you've reached out your hands, asking me to face this chaotic and raucous world with you. you whispered through my ears the words that are so comforting, as if an angel has descended from heaven to guard and make me feel safe. you have given me this assurance that my excruciating days would all soon become ephemeral and it would be replaced with memorable scintillating days - it's these interminable feelings that come with loving you.

as soon as you let my heart enter yours, you accepted my heart covered with flaws without a doubt and hesitations. with your love, you slowly picked up my heart's scattered pieces, slowly mending them back together, healing what was once broken and bruised. you always showered my heart with your limitless love and your consoling warmth making it feel secure and forever comforted. you have given my heart plethora of reasoning to beat all over again. you have given my heart a place where it truly belongs - your utopian paradise; where tears turn into laughs, frowns turn into smiles and pain turn into an epitome of ecstasy.

captivating days, euphoric months and more jubilant years are what my heart has been yearning for. here's a never-ending thank you's and i love you's that are forever heard and remembered by the universe just like how your name will forever be remembered by my heart. thank you for letting me love you for the past four years. thank you for being the one that taught me how to love and the one who taught me how it feels to be loved. the happy memories you imparted in me will forever be sealed in my heart. we have more blank canvases to fill in with our memories together that will last forevermore. there are so many seconds, minutes, hours and even days that have flown by and i don't fear of time running out, there is no way that i would forget you, even in another lifetime, in another world; i'd still find myself going back to you and for as long as you are beside me walking towards our flowery paths, time will keep falling into the realms of our hearts just like the gleaming shooting stars.

my jungkook, i will never get tired of climbing a hill, even a mountain of poetry just to write and write you a letter with mellifluous words that came from the deepest parts of my heart. it is times like these where i constantly trying to think of new synonyms of love words just for you. but then i ponder, what is love when you are the entire embodiment of it?
four years have passed by, yet i still look forward to another day of you and me. even amidst the toughest waves and darkest shadows, you make me look forward to tomorrow, for tomorrow means another chance to give you the love you truly deserve.

happy four years and eight months, my jungkook, my starlight and my cosmo, the love of my life, my everything. here's to infinite years to come of you and me.
this isn't the end of our cosmic love.
i love you, eternally.

forever yours, eli.