24 hours in Puri – finding paradise in Puri

A day in Puri is a day in paradise, surrounded by the waters of the Bay of Bengal, exuding a sense of beauty. Somewhere, there are always hordes of Bengali tourists on its soft beaches, soaked by the incoming waves, their youth wasted. Puri's story is a tale of duality, of divinity and of dreams. On the one hand, you find the benevolence of Lord Jagannath and on the other the romance of the sea. A typical day in Puri consists of a walk of the soul and seeking the blessings of the Lord, which is the 24 hours of Odisha's foremost sea town.
8 am - Visit the temple.
At the very beginning of the day, you should visit Lord Jagannath. The temple is located in Puri and is the center of religious life in this city. The temple opens at 5 am and it is usually overcrowded by 9 am. So, the earlier you go, the better.
10 am - Odiya Breakfast.
Close to the temple, you will find many eateries selling amazing breakfasts. Some of the items you should try are Vada Gauguin, and puri aloo tarkari. Yet another thing is chuda up.
12 p.m. - Beach time.
We can't stress this enough, but one never leaves the beach. So any time you get to the beach, you may find yourself staying for the day. Your hunger will be taken care of as well, as there are plenty of vendors to sell snacks. You can also buy some pearl necklaces from the vendors here. There are also some water sports on offer and of course, bathing in the sea is a must, but you must make sure you are safe.

2pm - Lunch time.
There are a number of restaurants along Puri Beach Road that sell delicious food, of course, it's best to try authentic Odiya food, but you'll find a variety of food here, including Bengali food. Of course, it's best to try authentic Odiya food, but you'll find a variety of food here, including Bengali food. One of the highlights of Odiya cuisine is the fish, so if you like seafood, then this is the place for you!
3 p.m. - Sun Temple at Konark
Only an hour or so away from Puri, you need to come here to see one of India's most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Built in the mid-13th century, the temple is an architectural marvel. It was built on the orders of King Narasimhadeva I, the ruler of the Ganga dynasty.
6pm - Night Market
Along the beach there is a 13 km stretch of uninterrupted markets where you can come and buy some knick-knacks. You can also find some Odia handicrafts and buy souvenirs here.
From 7pm
At night, you'll find numerous fish sellers frying all kinds of fish! You can pack some of these fish and go out on the balcony of your hotel room, watch the waves and drink to your heart's content.
You can return to the beach again at night and sit down and listen to the waves. The endlessness of the dark sea at the end of the land is an unexplainable experience.
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