By far the shortest abc playlist I've had so far with a total of ten songs, these are my favorite songs starting with the letter Q

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Queen (Perfume Genius Cover) - Sizzy Rocket

fashion, gold, and dress image dress, fashion, and gold image
Don't you know your queen? Gleaming, wrapped in golden leaves.

The Queen of Marina del Rey - Erin Enderlin

Queen, dark, and sea image eyes, makeup, and glitter image
Blessed with a sick kind of strangeness I wore like a cheap crown of thorns

Queen of the Night - Whitney Houston

model, crown, and Queen image beyoncé, queen bey, and mrs carter image
You've got a problem with the way that I am. They say I'm trouble and I don't give a damn.

Queenie, Queenie - Tami Neilson

Taylor Swift, red, and concert image aesthetic, concert, and crowd image
Mama gotta hustle, do another show, 'cause they won't play a lady-oh on country radio

Queens Don't - Raelynn

Reputation, Taylor Swift, and Queen image black, blonde, and dragon image
I ain't 'bout to let nobody come and take me off this throne. Some girls might, but queens don't.

Questions - Little Big Town

grunge, hair, and indie image beach, sea, and sunset image
Am I anywhere in your memory?

Quicksand - Madeline Juno

couple, fantasy, and kiss image couple, love, and goals image
And maybe we don't have to bury all our thoughts, and maybe we don't have to be alone anymore

QUICKSAND - X Ambassadors

summer, girl, and car image car, photography, and drive image
Her brother’s in a bad place, takes prescriptions for pain to keep his demons at bay. So she, so she drives that car, promises someday, brother, we gon' be alright.

THE QUIET - Troye Sivan

Abusive image bts, jhope, and kpop image
I'd rather be spittin' blood than have this silence fuck me up

Quit - Rachel Freeman

black, body, and girl image girl, beach, and photography image
If the worlds what you make it, why can't I create a world where I don't lose?

Quite Miss Home - James Arthur

adventure, autumn, and cold image rain and nature image
'Cause it feels like poetry when the rain falls down on the window while you're in my arms and we're watching the TV