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I've written an article about what's in my flight attendant bag. This article will be part 2 where I'll introduce what I have in my suitcase.


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I like to use packing cubes for my clothes to keep everything organized.

  • Spare uniform
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I have a new shirt for each day, pants or skirt, and a scarf if I don't wear it already.

  • Normal clothes
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Typically, I pack a shirt and pants or a dress. If it's cold outside, I pack my own coat. I also pack underwear and pajamas with me.

  • Gym clothes
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If I know already that in my destination there's a good gym, I'll usually pack gym clothes too such as yoga pants, sports bra, top, and a hoodie + trainers. In case I know already I won't go anywhere, this is the combo that I choose instead of the normal ones.

  • Accessories
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I always pack my favorite crossbody bag. Sometimes I like to take my own shoes depending on the season.

Toiletry bag

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I like to go for travel-sized options even though as a crew we have different restrictions. I also have q-tips and cotton pads with me.

  • Makeup + brushes
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Foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, or lipstick, and perfume.

  • Skincare


  • Side pocket no. 1
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In one of the side pockets, I always carry an umbrella.

  • Side pocket no. 2
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There are the slippers that I use on layovers inside my hotel room, gloves for handling ovens on the planes, and some other supplies that I might need such as my airline's gift vouchers in case something unpleasant happens unexpectedly.

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