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I'm someone that when it focuses on something, don't stop, but if I unfocus it's hard to get back on track unless I take a ridiculous amount of time as "break" and by that I mean a few days. I try but it's hard to find a routine who works after the day off.

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Not good.

Not helpful.

As I believe that doesn't matter what area you study or work, creativity will always be something good to improve most of those things are related to the creation and it will make you feel rested and reset your mental, I promise you will feel the difference.


So here I present to you things that I do when it's a day off but I don't wanna lose myself too much.


I'm may have talked one hundred times about creating a diary or writing when you feel too much. It's a lovely exercise, that allows you to reflect about your surround or create a completely new atmosphere, whatever you're feeling really. Try on devices or journals and find what works the best for you.

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Poems, stories, about your day, special events, a love letter. And It can be simple or you can try adding some doodles, stickers and using different paper or journals.

Drawing or Painting

Now for me, this one is tricky because I study architecture so drawing is a hobby and a duty. So on a day off I will try to do simpler stuff. Without worrying how it's gonna turn out, or even studies of things completely opposite to arch things, like a hand study or abstract with painting.

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Again, as I'm at college reading is part of my daily. So on days off fictional or poetry books are my go-to. Or anything thin that I can finish in one day, to not start the next day (workday) with a feeling of unfinished stuff. What also works for me it's deciding a number of chapters or a section of the book but I prefer when I finish the entire thing.

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Articles on WHI are a really good tip, you will find every kind of stuff here and normally the texts are not long at all.


Some documentary or ted talk, it doesn't have to be something related to your studies. Something you always have a curiosity, or something relevant to the period of time your living (in my case, right now, it could be pandemic, creativity, artists). Movies are also a good option, try to avoid series/tv shows because again we're trying to start and finish in the day.

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If your favourite is tv shows, sitcoms or police investigation are the best options. As the episodes are not really related to each other and it's easier to stop (still hard though)


A clean space will always help you clean your mind. Organizing your closet, drawers or redecorate your room, move furniture. Using music or podcast it's a must.

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With the people in your house, catching up or with your friends, do personally or video calling, always a guaranteed way to laugh. Answering DM and mentions can get some interest conversations going as well.

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You may not be having all the hours of sleep you really need, so this is the perfect day to sleep in.

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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