this was inspired by:

fucking love her articles mwah

but i decided to make it a girl version bc i like girls <3

enjoy !!

mommy issues or businesswoman ?
black, dark, and leather image fashion, goals, and work image
umm mommy issues r sexy asf and so r businesswomen so i'd have to say both </3
cat or dog person ?
cat, animal, and cake image animal, dog, and tumblr image
i rlly don't mind im fine w both !!
adventurous or "stay-home"?
dark, black, and night image dark, art, and girl image
adventurous absolutely
rich in money or rich in mind & soul ?
gucci image aesthetic, alternative, and couple image
i dont rlly care about money so probably mind and soul
religious or non-religious ?
fireworks, lake, and light image dark, music, and phone image
preferably non-religious
thick thighs or skinny thighs ?
artsy, black and white, and cigarettes after sex image Image by Rainbow-♡⃛
both. i dont mind at all and all body types r fucking sexy <3
sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive ?
aesthetic, art, and hands image dark and aesthetic image
sarcastic and witty for sure
short or long hair ?
girl, dark, and night image Image by sweetkvss
i love both honestly
funny or serious ?
quotes, black, and grunge image black, dark, and night image
funny. idk what i'd do w a serious gf </3
taller or shorter ?
Image by 𝒥𝓊𝓃ℊ 𝒦𝓎𝓊𝓃ℊ-𝒮ℴℴ𝓃 aesthetic, silhouette, and soft image
taller is so hot but short is so cute <//3 i dont mind either way
book smart or street smart ?
black and dark image aesthetic, dark, and bts image
both !!
loves to dance or loves to cook ?
wine, aesthetic, and champagne image black and white and dance image
umm both but if i had to choose dance <3
loves taking you to restaurants or walks ?
aesthetic, dark, and candle image dark, aesthetic, and night image
walks !! i would love walking w my s/o <3
tattoos or no ?
bath, bubbles, and chilling image Tattoos image
absolutely tattoos are so hot
piecings or no ?
piercing, vampire, and grunge image aesthetic, jawline, and piercing image
younger or older ?
night, cigarette, and smoke image aesthetic, blackaesthetic, and black image
umm i would like for them to be the same age, but if i had to be younger 2 years max and 4 years max for older

so yeah u watched the female preferring bisexual jump out <3
anyways !!
< girls 3

- marlene.

im sexy and write sexy articles follow me <3