Euphoria is a popular HBO series, that captured fans' attention with an amazing acting, relatable plot, stunning visuals, and unique makeup looks.
The shows head makeup artist Donna Davy gave each character makeup looks that expressed their personality and emotions. What inspired people the most is the fearless use of glitter, rhinestones, and bold colors. Despite the fact that the show premiered in the summer of 2019, fans have kept the show and its makeup looks relevant, mostly to make the wait for season 2 a little bit more bearable.

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Butterfly eyes
This is another trend that I have been seeing quite a bit and I have to admit it is one of my favorites. I love seeing the different ways artists incorporate butterfly wings into their makeup looks. Mostly I have been seeing artists use different colors of eyeshadow that they apply not only on the eye but also on the side and under the eye. To create the butterfly shape they usually use eyeliner. But that’s not the only way to do it, some use very little to no eyeshadow and make it more subtle, some don’t use eyeliner and some even add rhinestones and glitter.

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Fox eye
One of the most popular trends besides euphoria makeup is definitely fox eye. The main inspiration was supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. The focus of this makeup is the eyes. The goal is to make your eyes look bigger, longer, and lifted. To achieve that you can use brown or black eyeliner that you wing out and put it on the inner corners of the eye to make them look longer. If you want your eyes to look lifted you have to make sure that you apply your eyeliner at a bigger angle.

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Graphic liner
Last but not least is graphic liner. This trend takes eyeliner to the next level, with many colors and different shapes. There are no rules so you can make it as complicated and colorful as you want, but that doesn’t mean that using white or black to make a minimal design looks boring. As an eyeliner lover, I adore this trend and I think you can make it appropriate for almost every occasion.

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