I'm really in my feelings rn so I thought I'd make this playlist. If y'all are going through it, I hope it gets better for you. <3

1. All I Wanted // Paramore

aesthetic, car, and sky image couple, love, and aesthetic image

2. Heather // Conan Gray

sky, pink, and aesthetic image flowers, aesthetic, and rose image

3. Moral of the Story // Ashe

pink, rose gold, and theme image fashion, pink, and clothes image

4. Carousel // Melanie Martinez

clouds and dark image moon, sky, and blue image

5. Starring Role // Marina and the Diamonds

shadow, aesthetic, and cigarette image flowers, aesthetic, and lips image

6. Soap // Melanie Martinez

pink, bath, and aesthetic image aesthetic, phone, and pink image

7. Cake // Melanie Martinez

aesthetic, cake, and dessert image pink, ice, and drink image

8. Trade Mistakes // Panic! At The Disco

car and vintage image I Love You, iphone, and phone image

9. The End of All Things // Panic! At The Disco

pink, ocean, and sea image aesthetic, nike, and shoes image

10. Jet Pack Blues // Fall Out Boy

rose, flowers, and pink image clouds, sky, and aesthetic image

11. Bubble Gum // Clairo

pink and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and pool image

12. Buzzcut Season // Lorde

sky, friends, and grunge image Image by Mɑrtɑ🌸

13. ilomilo // Billie Eilish

flowers, pink, and rose image aesthetic, flowers, and pink image

14. Ocean Eyes // Billie Eilish

chanel, luxury, and perfume image beach, ocean, and summer image

15. O Children // Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

flowers, rose, and pink image album, beautiful, and lover image

Here's the link! Thanks.