It’s a chilly winter’s day.
We are standing on the pavement of narrow stairs.
They’re deserted, people usually don’t take this route.
A big window looms in the backdrop and we stand smiling in front of it. It’s the December’s end, holidays are upon us, soon we will set off to our homes and see each other again in January. The window is covered in the mist, you can see glimpses of tress covered in droplets. It’s very cold all around.

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You’re wearing my favourite black hoodie, and I many layers of pullovers. The sleeves of my sweater run up to the mid of my palms. My hands are cold, and you slowly hold them in yours, for you are always at a very comfortable warmth. It’s a light-hearted day, we are immersed in the beauty around us, plainly laughing at our memories. You began to tell the story of how once we were acting so stupidly… and I start to laugh my heart out. Casually hitting you at times on your arms.

You look lovingly in my eyes and put your hands around my waist. I feel a rush of warmth running through my veins. I can feel the crimson appearing in my cheeks. You look so adorable.

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I cup my hands around your face, and slowly perhaps like a thief trying to steal something precious, I begun to canoodle you. I can feel the cuteness surrounding us. No, we aren’t in a moment of passion or blinding intensity, it’s just a beautiful winter day, and we are feeling pretty. I slide my hand to the back of your neck and pull you even closer. Your lips feel like sunshine in a cold winter’s day. You stop and look at me with utmost innocence in your eyes, and give me a cute peck on my forehead, telling me how much you love me. I smile and look away, blushing like somebody has painted the red across my face. You laugh heartedly at my reaction and bury my head in the cape of your neck. I hug you a little longer, with a whisper I say, I love you too. I feel a very gentle pat on my head, you’re lovingly stroking my hair. We both look at each other…

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The commotion is starting to revive around us. The corridors are about to witness about a hundred steps of students zooming out of their classrooms. You hug me once more tightly and take my hand like it’s your favourite thing in the world, we climb down the stairs and join the stream of people all heading excitedly towards the exits.

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