As you may have picked up from the title, this is an article about which members of Itzy I think owned each era. This is entirely my own opinion, so please don't take it as any kind of official information from Itzy or anything. I just wanted to share my thoughts from a fan's point of view on my favorite Korean girl-group.

IT’z Different (DALLA DALLA)

- Yeji -

I think Yeji was the center of this era for many reasons, including the fact that it was Itzy’s first album & she’s the leader.
But mostly, this style just really works well for her. The album definitely fits Yeji with both of their cute, sassy, & yet serious vibes.

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Not to mention the fact that her vocals make up an entire third of the title song “DALLA DALLA” (which I feel is fairly uncommon for a five member group) & she leads the beginning of each chorus.

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IT’z ICY (Icy)

- Yuna -

I think every Itzy fan can agree that Yuna is just…really cute.
While she adapts to many styles well, I think she especially shines in the more bright & cheery types (she’s said to be the main mood maker of the group) - which is a big part of why I think “IT’z Icy” was her era.

icy, yuna gifs, and yuna image

She also totally slays the choreography throughout the entire song “Icy”, & leads the beginning of each chorus.

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- Ryujin -

Everybody knows that Ryujin owned this era with her infamous “shoulder dance” -

gif image

- & insane hip shaking abilities.

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I think her voice fits the style of the title track “Wannabe” well, & she really pulls the intense & powerful sassiness in the entire album through.

(Of course not forgetting the scene where she cuts her hair short in the "Wannabe" mv & looks totally awesome.)

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Not Shy

- Lia -

From her voice to her dance to her clothes – I think everything about the “Not Shy” era fits Lia perfectly.

gif, lia, and choi jisu image

Her sweet & honeyish vocals work well with every song in this album, & I think she really gives off the intended vibe for this comeback.

gif, lia, and ryujin image

Honestly, when I watch the "Not Shy" mv, Lia's looks blend in with the style of her surroundings so well & she really looks like she belongs there.

- Chaeryeong -

itzy, lee chaeryeong, and gif image

Now, I’m a Chaeryeong stan- so definitely don’t think I left her out of here because I wanted to. When you look at each album, I think it's pretty obvious she hasn’t had her era yet, for some stupid reason. She has amazing dancing skills, a lovely voice, & a pretty large amount of stage presence (if you ask me), so they better give her her own comeback & give it hecking soon.

So here's a little Chaeryeong appreciation section showing her throughout each era :

gif image
IT’z Different
gif image
gif image
gif, chaeryeong, and itzygifs image
Not Shy

And that's the end! Thank you so much for reading my article if you’ve gotten this far. Please ♡ if you enjoyed it or agree!

~Love, Calandra (◍>◡<◍)。✧♡