From Bhad Bhabie to Vanessa Hudgens, white/latino/asian's have been taking from African culture and bringing it into their personal being, (meaning their hair).

But the real question that is begging the answer is, 'Is this cultural appropriation and is it actually offensive?'

For some background on my expertise of the topic, I am a Latin American, from Spanish and Mexican on my mother's side, and European and American on my father's side. I grew up in a mostly black and latin neighborhood up in Portland Oregon. I used to have my abuela's friends braid my naturally kinky hair back into protective hairstyles like corn rows, boxer braids, and box braids. (My abuela's friend was black, and she had some grandkiddies my age and we would all play together)

When I moved to Cali however, I still had my box braids in, and I was made fun of, taunted, and told I was 'too white to wear it'. I however knew who, why, and where the hairstyle came from, and whenever I was told I just wore it because I thought it looked cool, my excuse always was "Well you may think that, I know I look good, but I also know who looked good in it before me. You'd only wear it to look cool, but I know why people wear it, and where it came from." Their reaction was also the same every time as well. It was the same shocked expression, roll of eyes and the strutty walk away.

Corn rows, are actually not just protective hairstyles like they were to me, they originated from the 1700s-1860s where runaway slaves would use the style to portray maps of the underground railroad, as well as using the styles to keep their hair tidy, as most of the rest of their body was shaved, per request of the slave traders. If you read into the reason behind all of the different culture styles, you will find that it's not just for looks or protection, it typically has some underlying meaning.

I do have a firm belief though, that anyone who would like to, can wear the hairstyle, as long as they are aware of who, where, and why. However, if they, like Kim Kardashian, decide to credit someone who did not come up with it, someone who is not of that ethnic origin, and someone who was publicly racist, then it would be cultural appropriation.

(Going off topic here), I also have a belief that we are not of different races, we are of different nationality, we are all inevitably of the same race, the human race, but we come from different places, cultures, and beliefs, and that is our nationality. It can be our nationality that shapes us, but it is who we choose to be that defines us.

(Okay back on topic), I think that if we recognize where the style came from, it is absolutely acceptable to integrate it into our being.

I love all nationalities, and accept all different types of people, if there is anything you find offensive in this article, please feel free to message me. I would love to hear you voice your opinion on the subject. However, if there is anything that you have to say that is not kind, nsfw, please do not message me. I do not enjoy receiving messages like that, and try my best to ignore them.

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