Here is my pamper routine that I do about once a week to relax/unwind. I think it is so important to do self-care at least once in a while. Every now and then treat yourself and don't think about anything that may be stressful. Enjoy:)

Clean my room

The first thing I do is make sure my bedroom is clean. I feel like I cannot fully relax if my room is a mess. A clean room clears the mind and will help put you at ease.

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Candles give that calming, aesthetic feel and make the room smell fragranced. I usually buy candles at Tjmaxx, Bath and Body Works, Target or Yankee Candle.

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Bath or Shower

After I set up the room, I will take either a bath or shower. This is where I exfoliate and shave. I like to use a scented body wash/gel.

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Lounge Clothes

I moisturize my body after the shower/bath and then change into lounge clothes. These are not clothes I would typically go out with, just clothes to hang around the house.

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Exfoliate and cleanse

I gently exfoliate my face with a scrub to remove dead skin cells and smooth my skin. I exfoliate once a week and this is the day I do it. I cleanse my face after exfoliation.

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Face Mask

I choose a mask based on what my skin needs at the time (moisturizing mask, brightening mask, etc.)

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After all this I will relax for a while by reading or watching tv.

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