I know this has been quite "trendy" on wehearit lately, but I am happy people are willing to share motivational tips for studying because I think many of the tips I´ve read are great! So I decided to make an article in this subject as well, I hope you can find some help in this "guide". If you don´t, I hope you at least enjoy the pictures <33

Places to study

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I get motivation so much easier if I just get out of my home for a little bit. My favorite places to study is a coffee shop/café, the uni library or the public one
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(I know these places are not accessible for everyone right now, I ofc advice you to follow the guidelines of the place you live in. But if it´s safe for you to go somewhere else to study, these are my favorite places)

What to listen to

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My favorite thing to listen to is lo-fi music my favorite Spotify playlist is "Lo-Fi Beats (study & instrumental lofi/chillhop/hiphop)" by Ottom
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If I study at home I watch "study with me" videos on youtube, here are some of my favorite youtubers: elloitsangela, Study with Love, study with yoora, UnJaded Jade, Ruby Granger

Study groups

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This might not be easy rn or if you are a very introverted person. Through a facebook group you can keep contact, ask questions (or if you don´t want to ask q, you can read what your classmates discuss about & hopefully get some answers)


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Start on time, pls, you don´t have to worry & stress at the end
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Think of your study time as work time, you don´t want to slack at work right?

Watch movies/series..

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.. set in school. Watch movies/series where the characters actually care about their studies. Many school movies/series are only focused on the social life of the students & you never see them study. I enjoy watching k-dramas, but find something you like

Read (non school) books

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this is great to get your brain used to reading

Do your daily routine

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keep your daily routine even when you have online classes. Wash your hair, do your makeup, drink your coffee.. it will make you feel better which leads you to become more motivated

To do lists

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write down to do lists what to focus on, so you are not just turning pages and end up not getting stuff done

Follow study albums/channels on weheartit

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did you know that weheartit has a college channel?? if not, check it out! + there are so many cute study albums! https://weheartit.com/inspirations/college

Listen to audio books/podcasts about the topic you are studying

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this is great for when you are "on the go" or want to do some deeper research

Study something else

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study something else besides school stuff to keep your brain active. Languages, computer science, study technics, coffee types, whatever you are interested in

Make it cozy

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light some candles, wear a blanket, drink something warm while you are studying from home

Write a poem

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Or an article or a book.. whatever you want to, you will get used to writing which will be a great help for your studies

This year is bad...

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...but at least your grades won´t be
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are you in high school, or are you in uni/college like me?

thank you very much for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it! I´ll see you soon again hearters! Take care & stay safe, all love, xoxo

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