Why depend on someone else to make us happy when we can pretty much do it ourselves?

Happiness, like other emotions, is always there, just around the corner. You just have to look for it to feel it. To concentrate on the bright side of things. That doesn't mean you always have to be happy. There are those times when you just want to cry your eyes out and that's necessary too, but you have to bounce back to normal.

So, here are some ways to find your own happiness...

Do what you enjoy doing the most.

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Doing something that we love to do makes us feel more connected to ourselves than anything else.

Don't let your inner child die...never.

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We are nothing without our inner carefree child. It helps us let loose and enjoy things without a care in the world.

Stop expecting that someone will come into your life and make you happy-it's not anyone else's job, it's yours.

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People can make you smile or laugh, but that is not happiness. Happiness always comes from within.

Don't let any type of negativity affect you.

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Maintain your distance from people or events that try to threaten your peace or happiness.

Make someone smile.

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Even if it's one person per day. You will experience a whole different level of joy when you make someone else smile.