Hej alla, och välkommen till ännu en artikel!

Hell, that line only came from the Swedish language, though, but since we're familiar with photography, we all have effort to shoot pictures of everything in particular, right?

So during quarantine, I decided to write a decent article about underrated locations that we want to do photoshoots (especially the rest of the locations to include it in our shooting waiting list post-corona). Besides on the studio, at the beach, or any music festivals, there are a lot of places to make room for photoshoots, if not underrated. As intended to do so, I'd like to give a quickie shoutout to @inspomag for the inspiration should you like to give it a go:


clubs, purple, and disco image boyfriend, couple, and dirty image 70s, 80s, and clubs image aesthetic, body, and curves image beauty, dress, and drink image nightclub in bangkok and club@koi image


neon, game, and aesthetic image amsterdam, arcade, and retro image 80s, arcade, and 90s image Image by milewio anna, arcade, and blue image arcade, childhood, and fashion image


girl, city, and light image Image by sayyes2heaven Image by Laura Arango black, fashion, and nature image city, travel, and aesthetic image asian boy, asians, and boys image


class, first, and luxury image girl, luxury, and champagne image luxury, rich, and jet image private jet charter and limousine service image flight, jet, and lifestyle image beauty, flight, and jet image


aesthetic, carpark, and girl image carpark, photoshoot, and summer image 90s, aesthetic, and carpark image carpark and teddy bear image mercedes, car, and fashion image indoor, services, and outdoor image


building, flowers, and pink image blue, market, and japancore image christmas, winter, and light image aesthetic, photography, and fashion image strawberry, blueberry, and food image autumn, cold, and market image


Image removed aesthetic, emo, and grunge image beauty, kailyn de los rios, and girls image fashion, indie, and kid image city, edgy, and friendship image colorful, outfit, and vibes image


bikini, crystal, and poolside image extensions, extra, and living image aesthetic, bag, and beach image fashion, baddie, and bikini image brown skin, white bikini, and bad tingz image blue, pool, and summer image


clothes, drink, and fashion image car, edits, and gas station image Image by {V} Harry Styles and one direction image aesthetic, fashion, and style image Image by taettle


aesthetic, classy, and grunge image aesthetic, lgbtq, and pride image aesthetic, motel, and old image aesthetic, filter, and vintage image aesthetic, angelic, and pretty girls image Image by {V}


Caravan, services, and maintenance image pre-owned rvs image blonde, road, and travel image vintage and retro image camper vans image rvs, motorhomes, and caravans image


actress, art, and arts image actor, actress, and art image actor, johnny depp, and man image antique, movie, and theater image classy, lady, and rich image bed, cinema, and home design image


airport, brasil, and brazil image airport, black and white, and photo image Image by marthasoares adventure, airport, and fashion image airport and bff image travel and airport image


beauty, hat, and mod image girl, best friends, and bff image girl, city, and light image diy image balcony, day bed, and safari image analog, beautiful, and Carl Zeiss image


football, school, and stadium image aerial photography, field, and numbers image football and NFL image Harry Styles image Image by Maria isabel Gloria aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image


fashion, outfit, and chanel image Basketball and court image aesthetic, igirl, and indie filter image elsa hosk, gucci, and model image aesthetic, archive, and tennis court image green image


archive, blue, and colorful image city, vintage, and love image black, grafitti, and quotes image clothes, red, and street style image black, energy, and grafitti image grafitti, lisboa, and lisbon image


jacuzzi, lake, and luxury image aesthetic, purple, and bath image beach, sky, and sunset image bathtub, cozy, and fashion image bathtub, champagne, and candyminimal image bathtub image

So this ends the article, which is why I totaled the number of underrated photoshoot locations to eighteen! It was a way lot of work. Which of these would be your dream photoset location post-corona? And when would you like to visit all of these if you want an epic shoot?

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