"I've been feeling lonely. I have my parents that I can talk to, my sister that I can share my thoughts on, my friends that understand me, and even a boyfriend that loves me. But still, I have an empty feeling in my heart that long for content, satisfaction, and happiness. I feel like a greedy person trying to grab something that I already have."

The statement above was made by me. I had severe anxiety. I've been doing great now. I saw a counselor and read a lot about anxiety. I would say that I didn't see the best in me. I have all the support I have but I didn't see it. It was right before my eyes. I was told to be grateful for who and what I have. I never thought about that before. I mean, not that I was being ignorant. Anxiety leads to negative thoughts. Those thoughts were created by me. I am the demon inside my head. Therefore, I fill my thoughts with good memories and positive thinking.

We are fighters no matter what we do and what we are facing in our life. I cut off any toxic environment and even people so that I can moving on with my life. It was hard at first, but in the end I found a positive vibe through the people around me. I'm happy for who I am.