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as we are receiving and posting more and more confessions, things get a little confusing. We know that our confessors had some trouble finding their confessions. That is why we created this overview with all articles posted so far. We will keep it updated and also include the link in every new confession.

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Article #1: “The fear of a blank page: Plagiarism” (Plagiarism on WHI - posted: 14.07.2020)

Article #2: Our Love : Forever A Secret? ( In love with the cousin - posted: 16.07.2020)

Article #3: Love is a two-way street constantly under construction. ( 6 years in a relationship and having second thoughts - posted: 18.07.2020)

Article #4: P R I D E (Liking boys and girls - posted 21.07.2020)

Article #5: Your past doesn’t define your future (traumatic childhood with many arguments, fear of the same future - posted 23.07.2020)

Article #6: Dear Toxic Friend, I’m glad I lost you. (a toxic friend who is just exploiting the confessor - posted: 25.07.2020)

Article #7: Love the giver more than the gift (boyfriend’s birthday and no gift ideas for quarantine - posted: 27.07.2020)

Article #8: The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. (Suicidal thoughts - posted: 28.07.2020)

Article #9: I will be stronger than my sadness. ( feeling depressed and no money for a therapist - posted: 30.07.2020)

Article #10: Followers and likes are not an indication of worth (Changes on WHI - posted: 01.08.2020)

Article #11: Love sees no gender ( Being afraid of coming out, because of non-conformal mother - posted: 04.08.2020)

Article #12: Don’t lose yourself in fear (helping a friend with panic attacks - posted: 06.08.2020)

Article #13: It’s never too late to go out and get that feeling back (No interest in anything anymore - posted: 08.08.2020)

Article #14: Tough times never last, but tough people do. (parents give feeling of unworthiness - posted: 11.08.2020)

Article #15: No one is you. That’s your power (Being the black sheep of the family - posted: 13.08.2020)

Article #16: And all I loved, I loved alone. (crushing on a boy in a relationship - posted: 150.08.2020)

Article #17: If you’re looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it. (wish to end the own life - posted: 18.08.2020)

Article #18: When you don't fit in, be sure to stand out (Feeling like not fitting in and being too ambitious - posted: 20.08.2020)

Article #19: Change is a process, not an event (Process of changing and friends interrupting it - posted: 22.08.2020)

Article #20: You did absolutely nothing to deserve it (Past with harassment, assault and abuse - posted: 24.08.2020)

Article #21: If it’s meant to be, it will be (Feelings for ex 5 years after the break-up - posted: 26.08.2020)

Article #22: It’s you. Because no one else makes sense. (Being secretly in a friend who lives far away - posted: 27.08.2020)

Article #23: Your opinion is not my reality. (Differences of opinions with mother - posted: 29.08.2020)

Article #24: All I ever wanted is to be wanted (Abusive mother and still being broken - posted: 01.09.2020)

Article #25: The worst use of imagination is anxiety. (Helping a friend with panic attacks and depression - posted: 03.09.2020)

Article #26: It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. (Facing a pre-planned life - posted: 05.09.2020)

Article #27: Courage, dear heart (Encouragement to go and see a doctor - posted: 08.09.2020)

Article #28: Every piece of you is a burst of beautiful (Unhealthy body picture on twitter ed - posted: 10.09.2020)

Article #29: Sometimes love deserves a second chance (Being in relationship with only half true feelings, breaking up and having second thoughts - posted: 12.09.2020)

Article #30: Love is too beautiful to be hidden in a closet (Having a girlfriend and wanting to come out - posted: 13.09.2020)

Article #31: Support your friend even if you don’t support their situation. (Friend opens up and changes, missing the old friendship - posted: 15.09.2020)

Article #32: Think a little less, live a little more (Having no problems - posted: 17.09.2020)

Article #33: If I know what love is, it is because of you. (Being in love with a friend and scared to tell him - posted: 19.09.2020)

Article #34: There is no failure except in no longer trying. (Struggling with online lectures and failing exams - posted: 22.09.2020)

Article #35: You change the world by being yourself. (Familie being hypocrites - posted: 24.09.2020)

Article #36: I like being alone but I want someone to be alone with. (Liking being alone but doesn’t want to be alone at the same time - posted: 26.09.2020)

Article #37: Never trust your fear, they don’t know your strength (Anxiety and OCD - posted: 29.09.2020)

Article #38: The heart lusts, but the soul loves. (Lust and doing something wrong - posted: 01.10.2020)

Article #39: I am not this hair, not this skin but the soul within. (Having more body hair then other people - posted 03.10.2020)

Article #40: A girl should be two things: who and what she wants. (Being not enough - posted 06.10.2020)

Article #41: Creativity is not competition (Fluffy articles on WHI - posted: 08.10.2020)

Article #42: Sexuality is as wide as the sea (Liking kinky stuff - posted: 10.10.2020)

Article #43: When you forgive, you love (No support from mother after car accident - posted: 20.10.2020)

Article #44: Remember that you deserve so much more. (Toxic relationship - posted: 22.10.2020)

Article #45: Stop trying to fix your body, it was never broken. (Toxic relationship - posted: 20.10.2020)

Article #46: The more I think - the more confused I get. (sexuality issues - posted: 27.10.2020 )

Article #47: Even the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise. (multiple confessions - posted: 29.10.2020)

Article #48: We're all alone in ways nobody understands (feeling empty and nobody there for help - posted: 01.11.2020)

Article #49: Don't wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain (Not being able to hold up anymore - posted: 03.11.2020)

Article #50: Never let the world define you as less than great. (social anxiety - posted: 05.11.2020)

Article #51: We were born to be real, not perfect (self love and body image - posted: 07.11.2020)

Article #52: Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong (Being brave - posted: 10.11.2020)

Article #53: True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. (Love - posted: 12.11.2020)

Article #54: We fear the thing we want the most. (Relationship - posted: 14.11.2020)

Article #55: I will listen, I will care. (Helping a friend - posted: 17.11.2020)

Article #56: Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. (Missing an ex - posted: 19.11.2020)

Article #57: There is hope, even if you brain disagrees (depression - posted: 21.11.2020)

Article #58: In every religion there is love. Yet love has no religion (conflicts based on religion - posted: 24.11.2020)

Article #59: Work hard until your study lamp is the spotlight of your stage (Study issues - posted: 26.11.2020)

Article #60: A friend to all is a friend to none (Fight with best friends - posted: 28.11.2020)

Article #61: When you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on. (depression - posted: 01.12.2020)

Article #62: Bravery is the solution to regret (Too scared to approach crush - posted: 03.12.2020)

Article #63: There are no shortcuts to places worth going. (Stress from studies - posted: 05.12.2020)

Article #64: A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down (friendship - posted: 08.12.2020)

Article #65: Trust is earned when actions meet words (realising self worth - posted: 10.12.2020)

Article #66: To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are. (fear of judgement - posted: 13.12.2020)

Article #67: There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. (feeling tired - posted: 15.12.2020)

Article #68: I only hold on so I can let go. (not able to move on - posted: 17.12.2020)

Article #65: Trust is earned when actions meet words (realising self worth - posted: 08.12.2020)

Article #66: To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are. (fear of judgement - posted: 12.12.2020)

Article #67: There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. (feeling tired - posted: 15.12.2020)

Article #68: I only hold on so I can let go. (not able to move on - posted: 17.12.2020)

Article #69: I hide all my feelings with an "I'm fine" (depression - posted: 19.12.2020)

Article #70: You are worth too much to give up before you feel. (Being in love - posted: 06.01.2021)

Article #71: Even bad decisions result in good lessons learnt. (self worth - posted: 08.01.2021)

Article #72: I wish my brain could tell me where my heart should go. (self worth - posted: 11.01.2021)

Article #73: You're strong, smart, and you got this! (self worth - posted: 13.01.2021)

Article #74: The purpose of life is to matter (finding one’s self - posted: 15.01.2021)

Article #75: Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you. (Love - posted: 18.01.2021)

Article #76: true friendship resists time, distance, and silence (feeling lonely - posted: 20.01.2021)

Article #77: You’re worth more than they’re giving you (Having bad friends - posted: 22.01.2021)

Article #78: It hurts to let go, but at times it hurts more to hold on (Not being able to let go - posted: 25.01.2021)

Thank you for everybody who is supporting us! Stay tuned the next confession article is coming soon!

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WHI Anonymous