We spend hours every week scrolling through our favorite influencers’ Instagram feeds. Taking note of how all their pictures look so chic, retro, whimsical, and flawless. They must have a best friend that is a professional photographer, right? They’re so lucky to have such a talented friend.

Wrong! There are so many high-quality photo editing apps, and they’re completely changing the game of smartphone photography. Between the premium photo lenses on smartphones, and the artistic filters found in editing apps, it can be impossible to decipher what was taken by a trained professional, or an amateur.

So, no more daydreaming about how you can have an iconic Instagram feed like your fave influencer. We’re giving you the answers. The secret’s out! These are the photo editing apps that top influencers swear by. Start snapping those pics, edit, and bring in the “likes!”

Pic Stitch

Image by WeHeartItUploads

You can’t just take one picture when capturing special moments. You need plenty of images to truly capture the feel-good vibes you experienced. And, you can’t just keep that moment to yourself. It has to be shared! Will you flood their feed with multiple posts? No need to. Enter, the photo collage. Pic Stitch is available on Android and iOS, is our top pick for making collages and edits together.

Everyone flocks to Pic Stitch to showcase their pictures in a beautiful array of collages. All your images can be perfectly curated in a timeless display. Pic Stitch offers over 250 layouts, plus other features like…

-15 different photo aspect ratios optimized for sharing
-Customize photo borders
-Rotate, flip, and zoom
-Share to social media platforms directly from app
-Save directly to your photo album from app
-High resolution export.

Lomograph - Retro Photo Editor

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Lomograph is a fun app that can give photos taken on your high-tech device a nostalgic and retro aesthetic. Lomograph turns today’s smartphone camera pics into creative analog shots reminiscent of the days of film developing. Lomograph is a free app that plays on the photographic technique of lomography, which has an inherently low-fi quality. Lomography produces unique lighting effects by allowing extra light to leak into the camera, creating more color saturation, subtle blurs, vignettes, and the other “little things” that modern technology has written off as imperfections to be avoided at all costs. Use this app for a deep and artsy aesthetic that will remind others of a 90’s-era Vogue magazine cover.


Image by WeHeartItUploads

TouchRetouch app will no doubt be your newest obsession. We’ve all taken those pictures where it would have been a perfect shot, had your friend not photo bombed it. Or taken a stunning scenic shot, only to later realize a big telephone pole shows up in the corner. With the TouchRetouch app you can remove unwanted items from your images. This app has no limits as to what you can remove completely from your pictures.

You can remove:
-Telephone wires/posts, and power lines
-Surface breaks and scratches (both straight and curved
-Remove Photobombers
-Remove Pimples and Skin Blemishes
-Remove objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans
-And much more

Adobe Lightroom

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If you’re a fan of color perfectionism, Adobe Lightroom app is a must! Also, if you manage an Instagram feed that has a bold color theme or a rainbow theme, you will definitely use this app daily. Adobe Lightroom allows you to fine tune the colors in your pictures, with great detail and specifications. It allows you to do selective editing, such as removing color from one section of your picture, and leaving color in another.

Other features include:
-Remove unwanted objects in images
-Color enhancements
-Preset filters
-Perspective adjustment

Lens Distortions

Image by WeHeartItUploads

You’ve probably heard influencers or photographers say, “lighting is everything”. Lighting can enhance the quality of your picture to look like a true professional took it. But, we don’t always have that magical lighting. The Lens Distortions app allows you to add that epic lighting yourself. You can also add other effects that will help you achieve a whimsical appeal to your pictures. This app helps you edit every image with iconic visual techniques.

Other features include:
-Add rain, snow, or fog
-Frame the subject or blur edges with elegant glass textures
-Layer several different overlays on a single image
-Adjust the opacity, brightness, and color of each overlay