welcome back this is my safe venting space

my little storytime - catchup!

I have my big exams coming up - so life is pretty stressful at the moment. but as I do best, I've been procrastinating, I've been playing a lot of among us (of course) and Minecraft (another of course) yeah this is fun and all and I have made heaps of online friends...

do you know how when you're procrastinating/relaxing when you have heaps of work to do and the stress and anxiety kinda just sits at the back of your head building up well that's what I'm going through right now.

  • I'm stressed...
  • I'm anxious...
  • I'm tired...
  • I'm sad...
  • I'm not doing well...

but as always, my messages are always open because I love you all

but its ok. I'll be ok in the end.


anyway, enough about me here are some great articles I've read recently which I know you will all love too! x

this is perfect for those who are bored in quarantine and have run out of movies to watch/rewatch! you might even find some new favs!
this is a really cute little quiz - I chose outfit 2 and Hocus Pocus! - let me know what you picked and if you have watched the movie let me know what you thought! i love hearing from you all x
i know some of you are American so you might see some trends which are really cute! If it wasn't so bloody hot in Australia right now I would consider buying some faux fur items cause they are so cute and modest
this is so cuteeee I'm definitely a Friday aesthetic girl hahaha

please check out these amazing articles written by these beautiful people!!

love you all! stay safe x
- goth girl