I thought I would show everyone my favorite views, found in my small town.
- I hope you enjoy it..

beautiful, view, and harbor image ducks, view, and harbor image
1. Here is our very beautiful harbor. This is a very popular tourist place, and I totally understand why.
beautiful, sunset, and view image beach, sunset, and view image sun, sunset, and view image
2. Here we have some very beautiful sunsets, the picture with the pink sky, was taken right outside the door of my house.
flowers and beautiful view image clouds, cows, and grass image
3. These were taken, when I decided to go on a little walk through our beautiful nature.
nature, beautiful, and view image beautiful, fall, and view image
4. And last, but certainly not least, here are some pictures, from when fall was almost upon us.

I hope you enjoyed the few pictures from my small town.