take this as a presentation! :)


birthday, balloons, and 17 image Abba and music image
i turned seventeen in july!

best features:

lily collins, actress, and engagement image archive, hair goals, and ig baddie image
i don't like many things abt myself but i've always loved my smile & my hair


travel and wanderlust image aesthetic, art, and italy image italy, pasta, and food image interior design, interiors, and italy image
i'm from italy, more specifically from rome :)

deepest regret:

black swan, quotes, and movie image dark academia image
in general i've missed on huge opportunities due to anxiety & not developing / concentrating on my passions as a child


aesthetic, beach, and ocean image aesthetic, beautiful, and photography image
water! i live on the beach and i've been a swimmer for fifeteen years, i feel a sense of freedom when im in the water.

favourite show(s):

series and sherlock image 2000, 90s, and beautiful image euphoria, zendaya, and hbo image renaissance, man boy, and florence italy image
i have a ton but my favs would have to be sherlock, friends, euphoria & i medici (let's throw sex education in there as well)

goals in life:

oxford image quotes, life, and movie image
it is, ultimately, to be happy and satisfied, but as of right now it's to get into one of my dream universtities and start a new, more mentally healthy life considering they're all abroad!


aesthetic image ballet, aesthetic, and pink image
i'm 1,72cm (about 5'7")

in love with:

Image by 𝒩. ❥ france, architecture, and art image Harry Styles and one direction image fashion, dress, and white image
movies, anything artistic that mainly has to do w/architecture and painting (especially the period that goes from the reinassance to rococò), fashion & harry styles

job of my dream:

aesthetic, lawyer, and tumblr image book, aesthetic, and astronomy image
criminal justice lawyer or something to do with space, im still figuring it out.

kind of guy:

pretty woman, quotes, and movie image joan crawford image couple, love, and hands image alternative, indie, and grunge image
loyal, ambitious, understanding, cultured & creative, someone that makes me grow, fun, inspiring, sarcastic.

last thing i ate:

food, fries, and yummy image ice cream, Anne Hathaway, and pink image
roasted chicken w/ these chips & raspberry ice cream, one of my personal favs!


60s, black and white, and bw image quotes, words, and movie image girl interrupted, movie, and photography image nike, 90s, and forrest gump image
la dolce vita - dead poets society - girl, interrupted & forrest gump. i definetly have more tho


flowers, daisies, and hand image food, coffee, and drink image
my name's margherita - which means daisy in italian - and it has latin origins: it means pearl, something rare. i've never liked it because i dont think it represents me at all.

one fav song:

the beatles image stars, universe, and quotes image
across the universe by the beatles

people who inspire you (fictional characters included):

girl image harry potter, hermione granger, and emma watson image zendaya and braid image Harry Styles, gucci, and one direction image
my best friend nd soulmate, hermione granger ever since i was 10, my goddess zendaya and harry styles once again

quotes to live by:

quotes, fear, and words image boy, grunge, and indie image vogue, sex and the city, and Carrie Bradshaw image cat, quotes, and salem image

reasons to smile:

dog, cute, and puppy image dog, cute, and animal image
dogs are the purest beings ever it's instant serotonin

superheroes (dc - marvel characters)

margot robbie, harley quinn, and DC image bucky barnes, sebastian stan, and winter soldier image
harley quinn & bucky barnes (the winter soldier) are some of my favs


tattoo image Image by ℳᎯℐᎯ
im not the biggest tattoo fan, but i really like minimal ones. i'll probably get a couple small ones.

unpopular opinions:

alternative, black, and chains image emo, mcr, and meme image
there's a lot of internalised misoginy in the alt girl community and it makes it kinda toxic (i ralise its a very general statement but take it as it is)

vacation place:

aerial photography, aerial view, and australia image blossom, rare, and flower image
i'd love to visit australia or somewhere in the desert - possibly egypt.

worst habits:

aesthetic, neon light, and water image aesthetic, blonde, and grunge image
i need to stop. comparing. myself. especially to people online

x-(never had any xray done so instead here's my hogwarts house):

slytherin, harry potter, and green image aesthetic, art, and grunge image
i got sorted into slytherin at 12 when i took the pottermore quiz and as i grow older it resonates with me more & more. pureblood and proud ;)

youtubers i watch:

ashley and bestdressed image Image removed
bestdressed (ashley) and ruby lyn are my favs <3


glitter, beach, and sparkles image cancer, zodiac, and astrology image
im a cancer baby & proud to be

im finishing this at 2am after about,,three hours? probably more, i had fun tho! hope you like it and love u all ✦